Not a bully, but a school is telling their kids they are overweight

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One mother in New York isn’t happy with the idea her daughter is being called overweight. That’s because she only weighs 66 pounds.

A recent school program in New York weighed and measured students in order to find their BMI or Body Mass Index. It’s a popular method used to compare your height to your weight.

But when Gwendolyn Williams stepped on the scales at Four foot one inch and 66 pounds, she was told she needed to lose weight.

Her mother criticized the approach, but the New York City Department of Education says the tests are just part of a larger approach to keep kids and their families healthy.


  • Bobby R.

    To the New York City Department of Education my admonishment would be what my ole ettered Pappy used to tell me when I was helping him on the farm when I was 9 or 10 years old and would incessantly ask inane questions, “boy, don’t worry ’bout the mule going blind, just load the wagon”. The NYCDoE has their plate more than full just educating the students. Best regards.//blr//

  • Reasonable Man

    Way to stir it up…….kids should learn this stuff (calculating BMI) at an early age….this is just one more tool to fight our increasing obesity levels at all ages. We do the same thing where I work……raise the awareness and the knowledge level, and then at least people can’t plead ignorance when their own problems, which they didn’t address themselves, starts to seriously screw with their own health and lives.

    Oh and one more thing to the author……you need to include the child’s age, because that is always an important factor when computing BMI.

  • Chuck

    Sorry – there is nothing reasonable about using the BMI to judge obesity.- for children or adults. The BMI is based on height and weight, nothing else. If a girl and boy are at the same weight and same height, they will have the same BMI, even though she may be overweight and he may be underweight. Age in not used in computing BMI, but it is used in the weight charts we see everywhere. The weight charts were all created by the Metropolitan Life Insurance company in the 1950’s, and their only purpose was to drive up the premiums of healthy men.

    The waist to hips ratio and the waist to height ratio each give more useful information, and gives a comprehensive, scientific analysis of weight and fitness. These tools are all preferable.

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