Football coach accused of embezzling $5,000 from high school

‘That’s what I do to people that don’t listen,’ says teen accused of shooting cab driver

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A teen was charged as an adult after allegedly killing a cab driver in Scranton, Penn., over not taking a shortcut. (Credit: Los Angeles Times/Scranton Police Department) Read more:

SCRANTON, Penn. — A 16-year-old boy in Scranton, Penn., is accused of fatally shooting a cab driver who refused to take a shortcut.

Speaking to reporters as he was led to court by police, the teen, who was charged as an adult, said he told driver Vincent Darbenzio to take a quicker route early Friday.

A teen was charged as an adult after allegedly killing a cab driver in Scranton, Penn., over not taking a shortcut. (Credit: Los Angeles Times/Scranton Police Department) Read more:

A teen was charged as an adult after allegedly killing a cab driver in Scranton, Penn., over not taking a shortcut. (Credit: Los Angeles Times/Scranton Police Department)

“He didn’t want to listen, he got his [expletive] shot,” the teen said, according to video of his exchange with reporters. Richardson told police that he felt the driver was intentionally running up the meter.

He is accused of firing two shots into the back of Darbenzio’s head and then fleeing with about $500 from Darbenzio’s pocket.

“I feel my homies die, everybody got to die,” Richardson said.

Additionally, Richardson said he is originally from Newark, NJ and told police he is suspect in a triple homicide there.

Click here to read more on this story from WNEP in Scranton. 


  • Ron Melancon

    To all the gun control advocates do you think a law could be implemented to stop this 16 year old from getting a gun? Do you really think he cares about a law???? He got a gun and he decided toto use it. Laws are for people who choose to obey,,,, so stop trying to impead us from protecting ourselves from people who go off over 7 dollars….. And the best our State Senators care about is The REDSKINS name ….. How about addressing broken homes and why .

    • Adam West Chappell

      Yeah, its called bettering the environment these people grew up in. The great of majority of criminals that are out there commit such acts because of a lack of education or opportunities. Increase such opportunities, and this gangsta wannabe could have been a Yale scholar instead. Of course, that would increase taxes to Sweden levels, and God help us if we have to pay higher taxes for the better of society as a whole!

    • Paul

      BS. Gun control laws work in other countries and they would work here if they were enforced rigorously. Get caught with a gun, 10 years in prison. Do any crime with a gun, execution. Controls on guns and explosives are taken seriously in wealthy civilized nations. The USA is simply dumbed down with gun worshipers. Rant all you want. Guns do not make you safe.

      • Crystal

        I agree with you 100% and more Paul! I’m happy to see a man with good intent being brave enough to make a comment like that! Thank you!!
        It’s so very true, the US is one of the most violent countries in the world thanks to all kinds of guns and way more people for innocently from guns than actually protect themselves every year including children. Definitely more strict gun control is needed. It’s crazy out there & will only get worse. Happy to know others think the same way I do. Appreciate your comment!
        Hoping for a better future for us. My husbands brother and my mothers ex husband both died senselessly from the hands of criminals with guns. I will never accept the fact that nothing can or should be done. Thank you for the support. We need more thinking like us.

  • sw

    Oh hell Ron lets just have no control what so ever and let anyone and everyone buy whatever the hell they want like rocket launchers and missles too. There are loopholes that need to be closed to at least help prevent some of these killings like the one in CA. Use the brain god gave you.

  • Roger Edwards

    Looks like this kid is an clear-cut waste of oxygen…and not to mention the waste of millions of dollars locking him up the rest of his life…maybe in situations like this with human garbage in the future, this country should forget the courts and prisons, and go back to how it was often done in ancient times….instead of court trials, states wanting to participate could conduct a 5-minute summary show trial with the person in the back of a pickup truck parked near the closest suitable oak tree, followed by summary hanging immediately afterward by volunteer hangmen, or the victim’s own family as executioners…or, in the alternative, the 5-minute ‘trial’, and since bullets are a dime a dozen, then putting people like this to death with a firing squad, again with the executioners being the relatives and friends of the victim(s)…as is done even to this day in most Islamic countries…and may I suggest this as well…maybe a return to ancient Rome-style scourging for punishment for offenses both great and small…and also a return to flogging people publicly as well….now —-these—- sorts of punishments, if they don’t put a near-end to crime, I don’t know what will…!

  • Lee Dalkiewicz

    Wow!!!! Thought Cabbie ripped this Dirtbag off for $7, shoots him in the back of the head. Then slkedgedly steals about $500 from him…..what a piece of shit………

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