Police: Road rage leads to shooting

Drivers exasperated over stretch of I-64 east

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NEW KENT COUNTY, Va. (WTVR) -- Driving along I-64 east is not the smoothest ride, according to some frustrated drivers who say a fix for the aging interstate is long overdue.

Motorists said all the patches and bumps are not the way they want to start the summer driving season.

If you hit the interstates, highways and byways this holiday, drivers said it won't take you long to spot potholes.

Terrence Akrie said he think there are more potholes because of all the snow last winter.

Wesley Morris and his son Hunter, who traveled from Amelia to West Point to do some fishing, said something has to be done about the roads.

“I-64 definitely needs some attention," Morris said. "I think especially pulling a trailer, you see potholes and you can't avoid them because of the traffic. And we've had issues with tires and wheel bearings."

Morris's son, Hunter, pointed out that Virginia's interstates help vacationers reach their final destinations.

“People want to go to the beach. That’s the big thing here in Virginia. They want to go to the mountains and the highway system needs to be smooth so there’s less chance of accidents, and for safety purposes,”Morris said.

CBS 6 News contacted VDOT to find out if there is any relief in sight for drivers.

Spokesperson Lindsay LeGrand said the first thing frustrated drivers should do is report any hazards, including potholes, to 1-800-FOR-ROAD.

LeGrand also said the agency is in the first phase of a major Richmond District repaving project .

That means thousands of area roads in 14 counties will be repaved with a major focus on I-64 from New Kent to the James City County line.

News on this Memorial Day holiday that’s music to drivers’ ears.

“I think it’s great. I would love to see improvements to 64 because some places really rough. That would be awesome,” Morris added.

VDOT officials said the paving project is the largest one in the agency’s history. It won't just include interstates, but drivers will also see improvements on primary and secondary roads as well.

While work crews have a break Monday for Memorial Day, they will be back on the roads Tuesday. As a result, drivers should plan for alternating lane closures and improvements on I-64 in the coming weeks and months.


  • fred

    great now can wtvr look into the fake road work in the west end from parham to broad st on 64.Clearly there is no road work and just a bunch of fake work area signs and a 60mph speed limit for miles?

  • candice

    and fellow maybe you should stop driving 50 in a 70 or take the side roads,idiot.how would you know the speed someone is driving by a comment.dem for sure

  • Belsma

    The roads need fixing and they need to widen 64 from West Point or even before to Richmond. It’s a mess. Traffic is horrible coming from the beach and White Stone area. Hello! Major vacation areas in the area! I won’t even get started on 95 N. past Fredericksburg.

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