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WATCH: Depressed goat ends hunger strike, jumps for joy when reunited with friend

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OAKLAND, Calif. — A goat named Mr. G became extremely depressed and stopped eating when he was separated from a burro with whom he’d lived for years.

The two were discovered living in an animal hoarding situation on the property of a woman “who could barely care for herself, let alone the dozens of dogs she hoarded and three barnyard animals,” Animal Place stated.

The goat and burro were taken to different animal sanctuaries.

No one realized how close the two animals were until Mr. G grew despondent. He spent his days lying in the corner of his stall.

The animal shelters realized they needed to do something, so a volunteer agreed to drive 14 hours to bring the two together.

Watch the video below to see how Mr. G perks up when reunited with Jellybean, the burro.

“He was suddenly up, lively and you could see his nostrils flaring,” Animal Place’s Jan Galeazzi said. “His eyes lighting up when she’s being unloaded… wagging his tail.”

“Animals have all the same sort of bonds in relationships that we do,” Galeazzi said. “They feel love. They feel sadness, grieving, they feel loss. They feel everything -- and sometimes in a more powerful way than I've seen humans express.”

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  • angel2

    It’s very warm in my home…but I got goosebumps watching the vid. How precious! Many thanks to the volunteer who brought Jellybean back to Mr. G……and many thanks to others who work tirelessly in animal sanctuaries.

  • susanmeanslily

    They are in good shape for being “neglected,” aside from the halter that looks embedded on the burro…Animals get depressed from being taken out of their home environment. If they need to be taken away, it would certainly help if they are taken with their mates whenever possible.

  • ndrw

    Its amazing you had the foresight and wherewithal to film everything. I hope it wasn’t a setup….

  • Norma Connelly

    This is such a sweet story–I hope it made it’s way on a TV station. Too many people are unaware that these animals develop deep friendships. Thank you for showing this.

  • Holly

    God Bless you for recognizing his need for his friend and making it happen. The world needs more people like you!

    • Jemster

      Yes Holly!!! Animal lovers/rescuers are the best people on earth…especially to be tuned in enough to recognize what they need when they can’t tell us!!! Bless all you wonderful people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Doc Holliday

    Is it weird that I am jealous of a goat and a donkey?? gah my relationship life is bad lol.
    On a serious note I don’t know what would have to happen to make me stop eating for six days

  • Wilmoth thomas

    Wonderful … Made me cry … Bless all of those who were aware and answered their “nudge”. … We are not meant to be alone … We were created for loving and sharing!!!

  • K. Lee

    Nice that someone recognized the problem and Mr. McCracken was willing to accommodate them. Nice going!

  • Penny Parker

    Um…… Neither the donkey nor the goat are even remotely “neglected”. A goat will show signs of hunger or thirst neglect within DAYS!
    This donkey is not malnourished or thin.
    This video disturbs me on many levels and leaves a lot of questions….
    If they weren’t going hungry ( which they clearly were not),
    Then why were their needs neglected by the “rescue” team?
    To move and to seperate herd animals that are “otherwise perfectly healthy” seems rather abusive.
    Thank you to the man willing to drive so far to help, THAT is the true rescuer,
    To those who moved these animals in the first place, please ask yourself more questions next time. Like, “do I know anything about goats? Donkeys? Why are they penned together? How will me moving them “help” them?”
    Perhaps helping the woman who was already adequately caring for them would have been the more humane choice for all involved.

    • maryg

      Being that none of us have all the story, it is easy being a side line quarterback….perhaps the woman could no longer walk out to care for them,perhaps she was being thrown out of her little farm, perhaps she was going to a rehab facility,…. What they are attempting to illustrate is that animals have tangible feelings and bond the same as SOME humans. Take it for what it was intended. A feel good story of humans using their hearts and heads to help animals.

      • Jeff McCracken

        The elderly woman who had the pair was a dog hoarder and the Los Angeles animal control removed the dogs when the woman was hospitalized. Neighbors fed the pair now and then for several weeks before new homes could be found for Mr. G and Jellybean. Mr. G went to Animal Place and Jellybean was set to be moved to another sanctuary. When Mr. G didn’t eat, Animal Place judged he was lonely and learned he had lived with Jellybean for almost a decade. The next day, AP received an OK to get JB hooked up with Mr G….

    • Jemster

      Jeez Penny, why dontcha just throw ants on the picnic if it makes you happy. This is why I like animals better than people…no pretentiousness. Now go analyze a turd for us.

    • Susan McCracken

      I felt it important to let you know that the reason Mr G and Jellybean looked so well fed was thanks to the kindness of neighbors & animal control who came over daily. They animals were living in a dirt yard of an abandoned house. without food or water. Animal Place was asked to provide sanctuary for the animals which they agreed to do, and the neighbors expressed their gratitude that the animals would be loved and cared for. My husband was the volunteer who drove to get Jellybean. He saw the conditions and spoke with the neighbors, and couldn’t feel happier about the rescue.

    • tina

      If you know anything about goats and some other animals they have to have pen mates or they fail to thrive… would think animal rescue would have known this apparently the old lady did…..

  • maryg

    This happens many times when animals have bonded and are separated. I took a sheep that had been with a mini horse and a draft horse for over 10 yrs and all 3 were a neglect confiscation…the draft was sent to a horse rescue, the mini was adopted and the sheep was sent to a sheep farmer. He was dying from a broken heart and not eating….they dropped him off with me, and 2 days later I got in a mini horse. That sheep ran from across 2 pastures to get to the mini. The poor mini thought he was going to be gored but realized when the sheep was making squeaky noises and kissing him all over that he was OK….and I sat there like an idiot crying!

  • karen richter

    Good grief, I just put my makeup on and read this, now mascara is running all down my face, there are amazingly nice people in this world…

  • Aimee Lorraine

    This is so much propaganda to get your money. I raise goats, if one went for six days without eating as this states, it would most likely be dead, and if not dead it certainly wouldn’t be able to stand or run around.

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