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WATCH: Depressed goat ends hunger strike, jumps for joy when reunited with friend

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OAKLAND, Calif. — A goat named Mr. G became extremely depressed and stopped eating when he was separated from a burro with whom he’d lived for years.

The two were discovered living in an animal hoarding situation on the property of a woman “who could barely care for herself, let alone the dozens of dogs she hoarded and three barnyard animals,” Animal Place stated.

The goat and burro were taken to different animal sanctuaries.

No one realized how close the two animals were until Mr. G grew despondent. He spent his days lying in the corner of his stall.

The animal shelters realized they needed to do something, so a volunteer agreed to drive 14 hours to bring the two together.

Watch the video below to see how Mr. G perks up when reunited with Jellybean, the burro.

“He was suddenly up, lively and you could see his nostrils flaring,” Animal Place’s Jan Galeazzi said. “His eyes lighting up when she’s being unloaded… wagging his tail.”

“Animals have all the same sort of bonds in relationships that we do,” Galeazzi said. “They feel love. They feel sadness, grieving, they feel loss. They feel everything -- and sometimes in a more powerful way than I've seen humans express.”

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  • Jill CHETTER

    THANK YOU THANK YOU FOR GETTING THAT BURRO I can’t thank you enough for making the long drive

  • Art Costa

    Funny though, as the title to the story says, I never saw either animal “jump for joy.”

  • George

    Donkeys are known to have a stabilizing and guiding impact on other herd animals. Improperly weened young will often latch onto a donkey for socialization. I imagine the goat was used to taking cues from the donkey and did not know how to function in its absence. I seriously doubt this was “friendship” or “depression” in the normal sense of the terms.

    As cute a story as this might be, animals don’t have the same emotions or comprehension as humans. We do a disservice to them and to us when we delude ourselves into believing otherwise. Sorry.

    • Rosie

      Oh here we go, another one that thinks animals aren’t sentient beings with thoughts and feelings of their own ! Just because you don’t have the wherewithal to connect with them it doesn’t mean you’re right. I’d be willing to bet that you’re a hunter, which would be why you care nothing for animal’s feelings.

      • Heather

        My husband and myself are both hunters, and are very fortunate to have pets that we treat with as much love as we would a human. I believe that animals have feelings and can form bonds, I also believe hunting your own meat to live is nothing to be frowned upon. You may have your opinion, but unless you fully understand the relationship between a hunter and the game he seeks… You really should not judge “hunters”!

    • Molly

      George, you are sadly mistaken and missing out on so much joy and love! I feel so sorry for you. What about dogs that lie on their masters graves everyday and stand watch all night!! There is a dog in NC that lives by a cemetery and goes everyday to comfort the mourners. There are many more examples. Just open your eyes and heart to be able to receive all the blessings the Lord has for you! Animals are one of our greatest gifts! I will pray for you!

  • Mel Haskell

    WOW Still boohooing! Amazing story and Bless the people who made it possible for them to be together again!!! Oh and the song was perfect for story!

  • nancy

    What in the world is wrong with some of you people?? Watch the video and smile and say Ahhhhhh…..real or not, it is lots better than the “reality” shows on tv where actors make millions. Good for whoever posted it and happiness always for Mr.G.and Jelly Bean. If it made you happy great…if not go ahead and tune in to Honey Boo Boo!!!

  • Dani

    Thank you for posting!! Definitely a great thing to see, brought a tear of happiness to my eye. Love to see them reunited, great work!!

  • Jenni Young

    There’s a special place in heaven for people who care/love like this……thanks for being those people



  • vicki langton

    SO glad that there are gentle souls that care for the animals in guys are true hero’s…..

  • Jan

    Wow…are you always so negative? Animals ARE sensitive and can be depressed. I’ve worked in the animal field for 3almost 30 years and witnessed many symptoms one of which is not eating. Why do some of you feel it necessary to say these kind folks are lying? What the he** are you doing to save animals? We read stories daily about abuse aand neglect and not enough stories such as this one where these two friends are once again happy to be together. Thank you to the rescuers…. you do not need to defend yourself to these people. Keep up the good work.

  • jane

    …Didn’t the article say there were three (3) barnyard animals? What happened to the third one? What was the third one?

      • jane

        lol thank you. I was picturing this “beautiful reunion between the goat and the donkey, who loved each other very much, while no one heard from that @#$*&!% chicken ever again.”

  • Nancy Cotter Hayes

    Just can’t believe the haters and negative people that basically spend their days agruing and creating negativity where ever they go. Love the story, love the music, love the people involved, love the animals, and have love in my heart for the haters and negative people too. Hope everyone has a great day and spread a little happiness and love wherever you may go.

  • Melody Strayer

    So sweet. This is not a criticism AT ALL– I am just honestly curious. When Mr. G was taken to the sanctuary, were any other animals provided to be his herd mates?

    • Susan McCracken

      Whenever a new arrival comes to the sanctuary, they are put in ISO for 30 days for the health protection of the other animals. This isolation allows the animals to view their surrounds (as you saw in the video), but interact until all health checks are done. The ideal situation is that several animals of the same species are rescued together and go through this process with each other before being introduced to their new surroundings. Unfortunately, that is not always possible. Whenever a single rescue arrives extra attention is always given to ensure they feel comfortable and thrive, but Mr. G was the exception. I am so grateful that the staff at Animal Place was sensitive enough to quickly identify the issue and immediately became active in getting legal custody of Jellybean so that the 2 old friends could live out their lives together. Once their ISO period is over they will have other friends, and have access to an amazing environment to roam in to their hearts content which you can see for yourself at

  • shawn

    Thank god that the volunteer had such a big heart! They are still special people in the world that has special love for animals!!! Animals have feelings too!!!! A special sweet story.

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