Instagram video captures chaos of deadly Myrtle Beach shootings

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(CNN) — Myrtle Beach authorities responded to six separate shootings Saturday that left three people dead and five people wounded in the popular South Carolina resort city, police Capt. David Knipes said Sunday.

The deadly incident occurred at the beachfront Bermuda Sands motel, where three men were killed and one person was wounded. Knipes said no one has been arrested.

A witness told CNN affiliate WPDE that one of the victims ran after the shooting but eventually collapsed.

“It was like to the point where he had a lot of blood everywhere and he was just trying to breathe” and he died, Jamont Samuel told the station.

At the time of the shooting, people lined the sidewalks of Ocean Boulevard, which was jammed with Memorial Day vacationers and people who came to the area for Atlantic Beach BikeFest.

“I was scared to death. I just took off and started running. I was scared,” Debra Lovack told WPDE.

In one of the other nearby incidents, a woman was shot in the chin and a man in the shoulder. There were four other shootings where two people were wounded, police said.

Knipes said police don’t believe the shootings are connected.

WARNING: The below video contains disturbing content. Viewer discretion is advised.

Myrtle Beach crazy af right now …

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  • the citizen

    yeah……like the white guy in cali….couldn’t get a white guy to comment on that one,everytime a white guy goes on a killing spree, which seems weekly no comments

    • Mitch

      One half-white/Chinese guy with severe mental illness went on a shooting binge in California. Six different black people opened fire yesterday in Myrtle Beach. This scene is repeated hundreds of times every day by blacks who “bust caps” (mostly into other blacks) over being dissed.

      Black males, 6% of the population, commit well over 50% of the violent crimes, shootings, and rapes. They’re also responsible for 90% of the murders of other blacks.

      Any time blacks gather for bikefest, fraternity week, or even a hip-hop show, there’s a guarantee of violence. Why are blacks so hateful and eager to kill other blacks?

      • B Addy

        Amazing isn’t it Mitch? But you are a racist if you bring it up. Then you have people like Rob that have their blinders on. The percentages make a huge difference, how can you say they do not? The Black community will never address the problem themselves that is obvious.

  • Vastly Amused

    LOVE the censorship on this website! Just more proof the so-called “watchdogs of liberty” are nothing but partisan hacks.

    • me

      CNN oddly left it out what Wikipedia explains:
      Atlantic Beach Bikefest is also known as Myrte Beach black bike week.

  • Vastly Amused

    Maybe they should be like NASCAR drivers- and wear the logos of their personal political causes on their clothes.

  • Rob

    Oh so since the mass shootings happen less often, they’re not a big deal?
    Just sweep that stuff under the rug? Let’s just ignore that stuff?

    • manalishi

      never sweep it under the rug and do not ignore it. But we can always play the ratio game. That’s not pretty either. The cops let this one go knowing there was a problem.

      • Rob

        I’m not sure the substance of the ratio thing. What difference does that make. Oh because white people kill less than blacks per whatever data you’re looking at, and your point is? Don’t be one sided. The reason for your “ratio” is lack of education and poverty in a lot of the black community. And the reason for that dates way back.

      • manalishi

        The reason for the ratio is elementary scholl mathematics duma**. But you democrats struggle with it. Education and poverty did not stop the Santa Barbra democrat form murdering. Your theory fails.

      • Kim

        How the hell your dumba** figure he was a democrat? He likely was a republican honky.

        And elementary SCHOOL mathematics is not the REASON for a ratio. So, you are the dummy. You have the nerve to call someone dumb and you can’t spell school.

  • Gordon

    I can’t seem to figure out why this is just a side note story compared to the Santa Barbara one. What am I missing here?

  • Richard Gearon

    I just finished reading one book on this phenomenon and am about half-way through a second book. These flash-mobs, flash-robs, let’s go kill each other and take a few White people out while we’re at it, are happening in scores of cities, nation-wide, including PEORIA. Black Bike Week, in Myrtle Beach, is featured prominently in the second book. There are riots, shootings, robberies, rapes and beat-downs of hapless Whites, every year, and the cops won’t do anything about it. It’s time for some righteous Vigilante action to start taking place if the authorities refuse to stop this insurrection.

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