Concern growing over dead tree at Henrico baseball field

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HENRICO COUNTY, Va. (WTVR) - A viewer recently contacted CBS 6 regarding a dead tree at the Lakeside Youth Baseball Field in Henrico County.

They said they reported it to Henrico County last year because they had concerns of it falling on the bleachers or around the area and injuring someone at the field.

"It ought to come down," said Joe Mollicone, who lives near the baseball field.

CBS 6 contacted an area arborist to check on the conditions of the dead tree.

"This would worry me if I was on a home owner's property," arborist Patrick Goff said.

Goff said the tree is visibly dead and poses a risk to people sitting around in the area.

"The tree is in full decline and needs to be removed in a professional opinion of mine," said Goff.

We also contacted Henrico County. A spokesman said the tree had been slated for removal but because of it's size the county has to hire a contractor.

The county said someone did meet with staff at the Lakeside Youth Baseball Association this past winter because of concern with several trees.

We're told one was removed and the one we were contacted about had been marked for observation.

A spokesman said it should be gone within the next week or two.


  • Ron Melancon

    They have no problem enacting a meals tax for schools bout they can’t cut down a tree? Once they know I know the tree will be down on Tuesday because Ibwill put this on my u tube channel . They even allow Motorcross trails on School Property but they can’t cut down a tree?

  • Ron Melancon

    Careful the county might send out an interrogation unit to each of your homes and ask why are you taking pictures! You see they don’t like it when you take pictures of things like this. Like Antique Cars being driven every day by students that never get inspected. Yes I do believe that Sntique Tagged Vehicles that NEVER GET INSPECTED is Amajor safety violation and Students who do not obey the code of conduct is a MORAL AND Community violation, then parents who drop off with vehicles tagged out of state to avoid the car tax is a violation of state code then you even have students that have better cars that I tagged out of state to avoid the car tax…. But for some reason they ignore us the tax payer and them they don’t allow me to send them letters

  • carol

    ron,the law about antique cars is a state law,has nothing to do with the county.Whats the safety concern?You should be more concerned with the thousands of “inspected dump trucks and tractor trailers with balled tires.We all know a state inspection is not about safety its about the state making money and the shop making even more by forcing repairs on car owners.again none of your comment as usual makes sense and has nothing to do with the county.

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