City council member: ‘Time to move on’ from Shockoe plan

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RICHMOND, Va (WTVR) - Mayor Dwight Jone's revitalization plan, that includes a new minor-league baseball stadium in Shockoe Bottom, has taken a major hit over the past two days.

Five of nine city council members confirm to CBS 6 they plan on voting against the multi-million dollar project.

Friday night, Charles Samuels and Jon Baliles announced they will vote against the plan when it goes before council on Tuesday.  Chris Hilbert, Parker Agelasto, and Reva Trammell all confirm they plan to vote "no" as well.

Without the majority vote by council needed to move forward, the Shockoe redevelopment plan appears to have stalled.

Hilbert said, "It's time to move on," from the Shockoe proposal.  The plan seems to change at each junction and the public is concerned about a lack of transparency surrounding financial negotiations of the deal, according to multiple city council members.

Agelasto added the latest cost projections of the project are not what were originally projected by the Mayor's office.

Many local business leaders maintain the Shockoe proposal is the best way of generating revenue for the long-term.  A member of the Loving RVA, who are helping promote the proposal, said once city council members see the "full package" they will end up supporting it.

"I think it would be great for this area; this neighborhood,"  Shamus O'Connor said , a manger at The Halligan Bar and Grill in Shockoe Bottom.

"I'm ready for them to make a decision, but Richmond is a very reactive city rather than proactive,"  Courtney Stewart said , who lives in Shockoe Bottom and is against the plan.

Mayor Jones has invited city council members to a briefing on the plan Thursday; however, some council members think that could be too late.  The full council is scheduled to vote on the proposal Tuesday night.

Mayor Jone's office did not respond to an email request for comment on this story.

Hilbert said he is willing to work with the Mayor's office on alternatives to the Shockoe plan.


  • mbaker9105

    Last minute play for a payoff? We’ll see if anyone changes their vote. It would also be interesting to ask council if they, anyone representing them, any commercial ventures they are involved in, family, etc. have been in contact with or contacted by the same type of people/organizations or other third parties representing the entities who are involved on the other side who would benefit from this project. I would be EXTREMELY surprised if this was not the case.

  • James R

    Richmond, it is time to move on from your inability to get anything done. Not a surprise and sad.

  • Glen Allen

    Vote this thing out Tuesday and be done with it, get rid of Byron Marshall and the Mayor, and then do a serious design / development compitition, get a committee together to pick the best 3 design/development proposals, and then have a referendum so that only City residents can decide. This Administration’s cheating, lying, hiding behind cosed doors way of doing business has made an otherwise simple/standard practice, way too complicated

  • Becky

    Don’t trust Richmond City Council anymore than the Mayor,
    CAO and their Executive Management Team.
    Four have placed themselves in a Vise of Conflicts of Interest.
    How long have they allowed Jones to Pitch his pitifully
    Unprofessional Proposals by them and they swung at every
    lubricated fast ball.
    How many Ventures have they automatically approved,
    Carte Blanche: UIC Bike Championships, Free Give of
    Monroe Park; buy another Park from ROC, Bon
    Secours Red Skins Deal, Altria/Mosque, Ventures
    Amphitheater. “Lubricated Pitches”
    Watch ’em pull another rabbit out of their Hat of Tricks.
    They are probably stalling for yet more time for
    The Incompetents to Regroup.
    Can’t submit a Legitimate Proposal, but want to
    “Develop Richmond”.

  • Becky

    Seems like Resident/Tax Payers will have to form Lobbyist
    Group. Our TAXES are enough to garner the Attention of
    our elected, bought, owned, operated, and managed
    “Public Servants”. “Positively(?) Richmond”.

  • Glen Allen

    I keep reading some people comment that those against the Bottom plan do not step up to the plate, and provide a better option, well, maybe they would if the Mayor had an open design/development competition plan. Currently City Council has had only the Bottom boondoggle to review, and that plan is obviously incomplete, and unwelcomed by many (if not most).

    It takes a lot of money and other resources to put a proposal together, and the boondoggle before City Council has had financial support and investment by the City, this is an advantage non one else has had. Many City employees have been tasked with working on the Mayor’s proposal,

  • manalishi

    Despite all the drama and corruption that has surfaced form the democrat character flaw know as “municipal tyranny”. The fundamental questions has never been answered. “do we need a new stadium”. Why do we need it if we do? Is this financially responsible? Is there enough positive effect from this idea to warrant such a project?

    Now some facts. If this was financially viable, big business would sponsor it. If it is a business money maker, banks would put a spotlight on themselves to back it. If Richmond was such a prize, we would have a major league team, NBA team, ans a NFL team.

    This whole show has been nothing more than a bunch of democrat scavengers and hood rats angling to to skim $ from the people. Taxpayer exposure to a guaranteed 100% cost overrun (as stadiums always are) renders a bond sale to be fraud upon conception.

    The idea is a democrats dream but profound loser. Like they all are. maybe these a**holes should try maintaining public utilities and schools before conspiring to betray the people.

    • Troll

      You should stick with playing with young boys and leave matters completely beyond your abilities to sane professionals and educated adults.

      • athynz

        Well then Troll tell us YOUR ideas. Tell us why YOU favor the park in Shockoe Bottom, tell those of us opposed how it makes sense to have the park in the bottom rather than criticize those who do not want the park in the bottom. I know David, you cannot. You’d much rather troll those you disagree with and not offer up anything other than the constant flinging of insults – rather like a monkey flinging it’s poo. It’s your way after all – no facts, full of insults.

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