Two city council members will vote against mayor’s Shockoe baseball plan

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RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) -- Two members of Richmond City Council announced late Friday that they plan to vote against Mayor Dwight Jones' Shockoe Bottom baseball plan.

Charles Samuels and Jon Baliles said they will vote "no" when the ordinance goes before city council next Tuesday.


"This proposal is still, after seven months, fundamentally incomplete and continues to unravel with almost every presentation,"Baliles said in a statement. "We have kept open minds on this plan since before Thanksgiving, but the time has come for us to move on to more pressing matters..”

Additionally, Samuels said that “if the administration wants to revisit this issue in the fall when they may have a complete plan, we would be happy to consider it along with other potential proposals."

"There is a growing consensus that this slow drip approach of information is not helpful to the City of Richmond. Instead, it is increasingly interfering with more urgent matters that Richmond City Council needs to resolve," Samuels said.

Council members were considering an alternative development baseball stadium proposal for the Boulevard that was submitted by a group of private developers.

Baliles said the Boulevard plan presented by those developers would not use taxpayer dollars to build a new baseball stadium on the Boulevard.

According to Baliles, the Mayor’s current plan would cost the city $80 million, which would go toward building a new stadium in Shockoe Bottom, infrastructure improvements in the area, and a slavery heritage site.

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  • Becky

    Whoa! Astounded by Charles Samuels.
    The man wearing Four Hats:
    A lawyer with legal expertise to see through all this all along,
    the elected Representative of resident/tax payers, board member
    of Venture Richmond, (Conflicts of Interests) and Party favorite.
    What happened? I mean, What really happened?

  • kitty

    I say upgrade the diamond area…shocked bottom is congested enough.. and too much money to built stadium in shocked bottom…

  • Ron Melancon

    Give us a break. Richmond City is almost as bad as Detroit !!!!!! What will NUTZY say???? It’s for the children. They can have a leaking school roof ,,,, and give 400,000 in parting gifts for Incompetance but hey let’s build a new ball park. So NUTZY can have a new playground

  • cohanseybob

    Shockoe Bottom is congested already, with minimum parking and slow moving traffic. Adding a major attraction like a baseball stadium is a safety and security nightmare. There is no easy in easy out. I’m surprised that the emergency personnel and law enforcement have not spoken out against this disaster. The news stations have yet to reveal who will profit from this land grab. Who’s pocket is the mayor in? Why is he pushing this bad idea down the throats of City Council at the expense of the safety and security of the public?

  • RVA Teacher

    Build in the Bottom!

    Charlotte has done so and this was long after Richmond introduced the idea. They have a wonderful downtown stadium.

    Oklahoma City has done so. Development followed.

    Winston-Salem has done so…popular place on game night.

    Rochester, NY has done so.

    Greensboro, NC introduced thw idea yeeeears after Richmond. Development has been fast forward! They just announced another new building today. Third one this year!!!

    Richmond: stop dragging this issue. As a resident of Shockoe Bottom, this is what we want!!!

  • Greg

    Richmond should be focused on improving its school and adequate public transportation that extends into the surrounding counties.

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