Video shows police chase end in parking lot

Elementary student arrested for trying to set playground on fire

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Woodville Elementary School

RICHMOND, Va. — A Richmond elementary school student has been arrested for allegedly trying to set fire to part of a playground. Richmond fire investigators said the incident happened on May 9, but that the child was just charged Friday.

Investigators said the suspect is a student at Woodville Elementary School, where the alleged arson took place.

The child was removed from class, and put in handcuffs before being placed in a police car, which investigators said is standard procedure.

After being charged, the child was released back to their family.

This isn’t the first time something like this has happened at Woodville. Someone set fire to the school’s old playground in 2012. The damage was so bad, it had to be rebuilt.


    • John

      Your comment indicates that your upbringing did not value education. “It has to the ignorant upbringing”

  • me

    Something is Wrong in Riva City.
    Too much, too often, to be coincidental coincidences.
    Society has running amuck and becoming decidedly and
    transparently more dangerous. Elementary school?

  • Glen Allen

    Sometimes kids will just be kids, doesn’t always mean there is a problem at home. Lets just hope the appropriate authorities and local government agencies followup on this and help the child before it is too late. It would be nice if they could sub this out to a neighboring locality however, as Richmond seems to have substandard, poorly run agencies that serve children in need.

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