TRENDING: Yearbook pics of teen moms trigger criticism, support

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MESA, Ariz. (WTVR) – Two Arizona high school yearbook pages are causing an uproar among some parents and students because the spread features students who have children or are expecting.

In fact, two pages in Mesa High School’s 255-page yearbook titled “I’m working a double shift,” feature images and descriptions of how difficult it is to raise children while attending high school.

“It’s frustrating listening to my own parents when I’m trying to be a parent,” noted one teen featured in the spread.

Principal Jim Souder said a number of parents had called who were upset photos of expectant students and student parents were included in their child’s yearbook.

One parent said she was troubled by the image of a male embracing the belly of a pregnant female.

Mesa Public Schools spokeswoman Helen Hollands admitted the photos are not what the district expected from high school yearbooks.

“A yearbook is to commemorate the achievements of the students, particularly the senior class,” she said. “Probably this would not fall into that category.”


However, Hollands said that no changes will be made to the yearbook.

“Yearbooks are an opportunity to commemorate students’ school activities and achievements,” Hollands said in a statement Tuesday afternoon. “The material presented on several pages in the student life section of the Mesa High School yearbook reflects choices made outside of the school environment. The feedback received about the subject matter will help refine the judgment used when determining content in future yearbooks.”

Others said the yearbook pages just reflect a new norm.

Other parents interviewed outside Mesa High say the yearbook pages just reflect a new norm.

Additionally, a Mesa schools governing board president said he had not heard any complaints about the yearbook and was “100 percent behind” the expectant students and student parents.

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  • Alisha

    There shouldnt be any changes made. This is reality. Teens are having babies and the ones that are doing it and still finishing their eduacation should be comended. Just like anyone else over coming an obstacle and being praised these girls are no different. Who are we to judge what is an exceptable obstacle?

  • Holly Albrecht (@JellyBeanVA)

    Kudos to the teen moms finishing their high school education instead of dropping out! This is an opportunity for parents to open the door for discussion on being a teen parent. The young women have much to be proud of and hopefully are encouraged to continue their education in order to give their child(ren) a great future.

  • Kim

    WOW, the comments that would be here if the yearbook showed black teen parents, however, this shows only one…so it’s smiled upon and cute to the WTVR viewers.

  • Smarty Pants

    Letting the world know that you could not keep your legs closed and weren’t responsible is nothing to be commended for. Graduated or not…you bought a child into this world at a severe disadvantage. This is nothing to praise!

    • Terri

      How is that child at a severe disadvantage? I had my child at 17 and she is now 18 and has grown to be a responsible adult and graduated high school at 16 and is in her second year of college.

      • Jay

        Whether or not your child ended up okay in the long run, Smarty Pants is right. Your child defied the odds. A lot of single parent or teen parent kids end up in jail or end up dropping out of school.

  • Alisha

    I cannot believe someone is pulling the race card on this subject. That alone shows pure ignorance. Black, white, yellow, green or orange these girls are taking responsibilty for their actions and still making something of themselves to provide a life for their children instead of becoming a statistic. Maybe people can learn something from them instead of judging them. And as to bringing them into the world at a severe disadvantage, how do you know what sort of advantage or disadvantage they have? It looks to me that they are at an advantage since their mothers are continuing to better themselves and are setting an amazing example for their babies. An example that alot of teens dont set without having children at a young age considering 35% of teens dont finish high school even without becoming teen mothers. Shame on all of you for being so quick to jump to conclusions about these ladies. I doubt very seriously youd have as much negativity towards your own teens if they had children young and were still making something of themselves and striving to become more than what people like you expect them to be. Id hope that you would be proud of them for overcoming the odds against them, and if not then youd be the one raising your child at a severe disadvantage.

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