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VIDEO: Dad arrested for tossing toddler in pool as punishment

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PHOENIX, Arizona (KTVK) –  An Arizona father threw his 23-month-old toddler into a pool to teach her a lesson. The lesson was more of a punishment after the child dropped the family’s five-week-old puppy into the water, police said. The puppy died.

The father, who police identified as Corey McCarthy, was charged with two counts of child abuse. The child’s mother called police.

“I just hope that my kids are going to be okay, because I’ve got a five-year-old little boy asking me why daddy hurt his sister,” the toddler’s mother Samantha said. “I got a litte girl who may be traumatized, may not, but she’s having nightmares. She’s showing signs. I know my kids. I mean people make mistakes, but like I said, this is past a poor decision and a mistake. This is a child.”


    • Jessica Rabbit

      Pretty sure you mean “metaphor.” And your violent intent is not lost on “the law.”

  • gary

    He should have thrown her in and dunked her a few times kids like this grow up to be animal abusers remember people the abuse has to start somewhere.

    • aleinva

      Did you not hear the part where she was unsupervised by the pool when she threw/dropped the puppy in the water. How in the would would a 23 no old know better and there is no indication that she would be an animal abuser. Let’s stick with the facts. This is a poor excuse for a parent and shouldn’t be allowed to care for kids or pets!

  • Beth

    I agree were was the parents when the little girl threw the puppy in the pool. Why was she unattended around a unsecured pool anyways. Parents should be foynd accountable for that. Both parents.

  • MB

    if the child is abusing animals and killing them then she needs some mental help as well. A child that is 2 years old needs to be taught and is old enough to know not to kill animals. True, she should not have been thrown into the pool, but some mental help would have been a more appropriate course of action.

    • PM

      MB, grow up! Come on the child isn’t even 2 yrs old, how in the world could you expect her to know not to throw a puppy in the pool??? She probably just thought she was playing with the puppy. Mental help? I think you need mental help if you expect a 2 yr old to be accountable for this, it is entirely the parents fault for not supervising their child.

      • IKS

        I agree PM. No child at that age should be categorized as “mental”. She probably assumed the dog would swim not die. The negligence comes on the parents part for having a child by an unsecured poolside alone. My 24 month old doesnt make it down the sidewalk without me being on her heels monitoring her every move. At that age I would use the word “curious”. Shes also probably terrorized in the fact that the puppy is never coming back. Some peoples statements are just ridiculous….

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