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Is McDonald’s new ‘Happy’ mascot too happy?

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McDonald’s is looking to promote healthier food options and they are doing so with a mascot not familiar to many in the U.S.

The world’s largest fast food chain tweeted out a picture of “Happy” — the company’s animated version of a happy meal. According to McDonald’s, “Happy” has already been a part of advertising since 2009 in parts of Europe and Latin America.

This unveiling of “Happy” comes as McDonald’s gets ready to introduce yogurt options for Happy Meals this summer.


  • Becky

    Attack McDonalds has been a long-standing
    Democratic Campaign Agenda Item..
    PC should Just Control their PC and Dictate
    the Minions can’t eat here.

  • Mo Fiscal conservatism

    I really think people are taking this too far. Yea, there are a lot of morbidly obese people around here. That is because of their lack of self control, not because of marketing and how fatty places make their food. Lots of healthy people will eat fast food from time to time. I think people need to stop acting like a bunch of whiny Democrats and take responsibility.

  • Gerry

    Looks awful. As for healthy meals. I don’t think apple slices dipped in chemical preservatives that taste so awful even grown-ups would eat them is healthy. They would do better with preserved fruit in light syrup if they can’t get local franchises to slice up fresh fruit!

  • Magenta

    That thing… is incredibly creepy. Trust me, it’s doing a good job right now from turning me off of McD’s food just looking at it.

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