Six brothers accused of sexually abusing sister appear in court

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HERTFORD, N.C. (WTKR) -- Six brothers accused of sex abuse faced a North Carolina judge today.

Eric Jackson, 27, and his brothers - Jon, 25, Matthew, 23, Nathaniel, 21, Benjamin, 19, and Aaron, 18 --appeared in court Monday on charges that they abused their sister.

Sheriff’s deputies say the abuse started when the girl was just four years old and continued for a decade, reports WTKR. 

The parents were also charged, because deputies said they witnessed the abuse on multiple occasions but did not take action. The parents, John and Nita Jackson, are out on bond.

NC brothers accused in sex abuse case

Deputies started their investigation into the Jackson family over a year ago, WTKR reported. 

The sheriff told WTKR that one of the brothers first confided in a pastor who told him to go to police.

When deputies showed up to the family’s Hertford home, they say the parents didn’t cooperate. It wasn’t until the girl told her story to Child Protective Services in Colorado that investigators were able to wrap up the year-long case.

Today, all of the brothers appeared in court in Perquimans County to request attorneys.

Additional charges are possible for all the defendants including the parents, said district attorney Andrew Womble, reported the Virginia Pilot.

The family will return to court this summer.

John and Nita Jackson

John and Nita Jackson


  • Kris Joynes Chapin

    this is so sad and sickening… out of 8 adults, not a one of them stood up to defend this little girl. EIGHT adults…. not one of them felt it was wrong enough to refuse to participate or stop it or report it until 10 years later. How could SIX boys all be that sick in the head to do that or to allow the others to?? and the parents… I can’t even think of words for them … WITNESSING the abuse and letting it continue. I pray this girl finds a home with good people who will treat her well and show her that there are truly good people in the world and that she can trust someone.

  • Laura Kaye

    The fact that the oldest brother told his minister about it makes me believe they didn’t know it was wrong. They were reclusive, isolated, home schooled and the parents were fine with it! They look presentable which is surprising. But why are they wearing suits for the mug shots? And what is the mother smiling about in hers? I wonder if the parents are blood relatives?

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