Judge to announce McDonnell decision on Tuesday

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RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) - U.S. District Judge James Spencer said he would announce Tuesday his rulings on motions filed in the federal corruption case against former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell and his wife Maureen.

Lawyers for the McDonnells asked the judge to dismiss charges against them. The couple faces 14 felony counts, including wire fraud and improperly receiving large sums of money and gifts from a local businessman.

Governor McDonnell said he was "doing fine" as he walked into court with his wife Monday morning.

The McDonnell's lawyers argued inside court that the government's case against the former first couple has little legal standing.

Even if the allegations that the McDonnell's set up meetings and made phone calls in reference to businessman Johnnie Williams' business, those actions are not official government business and fall short of political corruption, the defense said.

Countering that point, prosecutors maintained the Governor and his wife "lined their pockets" with money and gifts from Williams in exchange for influence.  The government added that official action by lawmakers depends on the context of the situation.

Prosecutors reiterated the charges should not be dismissed because a jury should decide the case.

In addition to the motion to dismiss, the McDonnells have also asked for separate trials.

Their lawyers said Mrs. McDonnell could provide testimony that would almost certainly acquit her husband, but could harm her case.

Judge Spencer said his rulings will not be complex, but he will make announce his decision on the two motions tomorrow.


  • Becky

    Goes without saying, when the Democratic Party Regime, at local,
    state and federal levels targets their attack, drones, and delivers their Character Assassinations Assaults, of their Opponents, all are in cahoots, and their Media Matters Affiliates deliver the the daily bombardments.

  • Becky

    Local, State, and Federal level Democratic GIFTGATES consistently,
    conveniently, and ceremoniously labeled Perfectly Correct; and all
    local, state, and federal levels are in cahoots to hide it, and
    Media Matters Affiliates Covers it ALL up.
    Democratic State Party Chair: Dwight Jones. Governor McAuliffe’s
    Federal Investigation conveniently and PC, lost and forgotten, but continues with PAC Public Auction for Party Cohorts’ Benefits.

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