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Still no trial for suspect in brutal murder of elderly couple

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COLONIAL HEIGHTS, Va (WTVR)—For three years, the alleged killer of an elderly couple has remained behind bars, with no trial set.

The murder of Joe and Evelyn Bland occurred in their Colonial Heights home, in January 2011, and suspect Matthew Brady was arrested seven days later.

"It should never have taken over three years and then still get postponed when it was supposed to be definitely to start today," Wayne Cunningham, nephew of the murdered couple said.

Cunningham said the family tries not to talk about the case but it is always in the back of their mind.

And now three years later, another court delays just adds to the frustration that the family has expeirneced.

They want closure in the case, and they aren’t the only ones frustrated either.

The Commonwealth's Attorney, William Bray, said it starts with the defense requesting several continuances over the course of the case.

"They number their motions sequentially, we're up to 144 motions so far, that they filed in court" said Bray, those steps postponing a trial.

Then there are the delays, like the one Monday. In a capital murder case, there are at least two attorneys for the suspect.

Monday morning, the lead attorney requested the judge allow him to step down. The judge granted the request, although that was the fourth lead attorney for the defense.

Now the Judge has granted Craig Cooley as the new lead defense attorney, making him the fifth to work on the case.

The family members say all the legal maneuvering has not only frustrated them, but they’re also concerned about the outcome of the trial.

"All I know is I want justice done, and what happened to my aunt and uncle shouldn't happen to anybody" says Cunningham.


  • AJ

    The “justice system” has become a farce! Criminals and defense attorneys work a broken system, trying to make sure people forget the OBSCENE crimes they/their clients committed, and a judge then hands down suspended sentences and slaps on the wrist while progressive ACLU whackers and CRIMINAL apologists wave flags and huzzah for another sociopath walking away scot-free.

  • Love the day!

    Get a judge from out of town and put this case on the docket, marked as priority! What has caused the courts such a delay in this case? There is absolutely no excuse for waiting this long!

  • Greg

    1. The guy is in jail the whole time, not running free. 2. The trial should have begun last week and that was completely on the prosecutor. 3. Lead counsel doesn’t ask to be removed to buy a defendant time. That’s ridiculous. There’s obviously a reason he had to be removed. It’s unfortunate this reporter didn’t catch the reasoning of the judge for allowing leaf counsel to step down.

  • faith

    Even tho the piece of shit lying commonwealth is suppose to represent the family . I have seen it done that the family hires their own attorney to represent the family .

  • Norma Earls

    Even though it was the prosecutor’s motion that delayed the trial this time, once again, Bill Bray, perhaps the most incompetent prosecutor in the hx of the Commonwealth, deflects blame. At least the Blands’s accused killer has been behind bars; which is a helluva lot more than Rusty Mack’s family has gotten. His accused killer is prancing around in public; free as a bird.

  • Jerry Creech

    And your tax money is making these lawyers and judges richer by the minute. Not fair to the tax payers of Va and surely not fair the the victims and families involved…..Only in america we honor the criminals more than the innocent citizens…….Sham on us!

  • Greg

    The appointed attorney who left the case works for the capital defender’s office making a fraction what the market would pay an attorney like him. The same goes for the judges. They lawyers involved in the defense’s case are not wealthy, but are more concerned with a fair trial. Norma you are correct but it was actually the second delay in a row due to the prosecution.

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