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GOLDMAN: Jones’ no-bid ‘Sweetheart Stadium’ deal troubles Va. Democrats

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Paul Goldman is a local lawyer who helped run Doug Wilder's historic campaign for governor of Virginia.

RICHMOND, Va. – Richmond Mayor Dwight Jones’ handling of the Shockoe Stadium issue has done what seemed impossible, align liberal Democrats in the city with conservative Republicans in the surrounding counties against his proposal.

On its current path, we believe the issue will go statewide.

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Paul Goldman is in no way affiliated with WTVR. His comments are his own, and do not reflect the views of WTVR or any related entity. Neither WTVR nor any of its employees or agents participated in any way with the preparation of Mr. Goldman’s comments.


  • Glen Allen

    Save the Bottom for something better., something that can capitalize on the history, and educate the public. A design/development competition would be cool. Oh, I forgot, “competition” means the Mayor cannot give contracts to his friends, they would actually have to compete. Why does it seem that the Bottom has to be designed and built by 2016? Why not do it right? What would become of a baseball stadium in the Bottom in 20 years when it is not longer a state-of-the-art structure?

  • Becky

    Just don’t SEE that, objectively, figuratively, clearly or transparently.
    The Democratic Governor just Raised Mayor Dwight “Clinton” Jones
    on their pedestal as its Virginia Democratic Chairman, regardless and
    inspite of his governance.
    – Jones elected in 09; same year as Obama, coincidentally.
    – Jones has been documented in Wikipedia, since his first election,
    for running the exact same scams he is running now:
    –Corporate influence and favoritism by his major donors, Consortium’s sole source bids for a new jail while expanding the existing jail.
    (Dominion, Altria, City Central LLC. as a consortium of individuals
    and corporations which were major contributors to Jones 2008 election campaign. 11 bids submitted; returned unopened, one selected.)

  • Becky

    There is not a Democratic “Law Maker”, Commonwealth Attorney,
    Richmond City Attorney, or Tax Exempt/Non Profit Special Interest
    Consortiums’ Boards’ Lawyers, Mayor or CAO…
    that does not KNOW that Tax Exempt/Non Profits
    MAY NOT ENGAGE IN “POLITICS”, according to US, IRS Code.
    Yet that is exactly, precisely, decisively, and deliberately how
    Federal, State, and Local Democratic RUN their Government.
    Tax Exempts “get” tax advantages, taxes, and public donation to
    Subsidize failing Democratic Government, of, by, through, and
    for Democratic Goverment.
    Examples: Media Matters, Open Society, Joyce Foundations of
    Gun Control (Obama & Jarrett both sat on its Board), NAACP,
    Planned Parenthood, LGBT..
    Venture Richmond, Sports Backers, 2015 Bike Champtionships,
    Monroe Park Conservatory, Richmond Urban Collective, etc., etc.

    • Joe

      Won’t you take a class in writing? Perhaps hire an editor? All of this gibberish of yours is embarrassing to normal people.

      • Becky

        Why should I to accommodate Democrats who can understand
        Snoop Dogg, Rangel, Pelosi, Reid, Sharpton, Jackson, Chris
        Matthews, etc. Get a real education; not a liberal one.

      • Becky

        Bet you could understand Bush Bashing, Republican Bashing,
        McDonnell Bashing without a problem, in any context.
        My “Feeling” sensitivities are never hurt by those that
        can deride, but cannot Stand Up to argue and defend their
        own minds, views, or positions.

    • Your 10th grade english teacher

      Uggh, PLEASE spend some time on writing. You write as if you have a 7th grade education.

      • athynz

        So you made up a screen name just to criticize someone else’s writing. How cute. Really. So did you have any input on the discussion itself or did you just come here to troll?

  • Becky

    The entire Democratic Party has conveniently gone Deaf, Dumb and
    Blind to The Jones Executive Management of Richmond City’s
    Agencies and Departments. These are paramount to dereliction of
    duty, oath, obligations, responsibilities, and inherent accountabilities.
    DSS (since 09; never remedied), Juvenile Justice Center, Richmond Schools, RPS and Superintendents histories, and Mayor’s budgeting histories, Police Manipulations to suit, at will, RRHA Scandals, RMA,
    etc., etc.
    Appointed by Democratic Governor, as Virginia Democratic Chair.

  • manalishi

    ” troubles Va. Democrats” Like someone as educated as Golmand doesn’t realize that democrats are the mortal enemy of any free or civil society.

  • me

    And Democrats Never STOOD UP, publically, to honestly declare
    themselves for who really are, what they are, what they represent,
    or exactly what they planned to do, or how they would do it.
    Subversive bunch of Coward-Bullies acting against everything
    legislated as the US Government and against US legal, law-abiding,
    tax paying citizens they deceived in their illegal/lawless/corrupt

  • Glen Allen

    Guys (and gal’s), this really is not about democrats or republicans, this is about a man (the Mayor), who was bought…..yes, bought, just like thevictims of slavery many years ago dow there in Shockoe Bottom. The only difference is that the slaves of many years ago were sold by other people, and Dwight C. jones sold himself to the highest bidder. Seemingly, the only time the man gas put anything out to bid.

  • Ed

    Why not trie for va first pro team like mager leage soccer I mean I think the are has 3 miner leage soccer teams why not build MLS Stadiem and attract peaple from all over the state to down town. This sounds like a better money maker to me. Come on who are we fulling. I miner leage team is just that. I wish peaple could think bigger. Then again this is richmond. I am not sheer if we should city. Da which way did he go lol he went that away Mack lol

  • athynz

    Interesting that it took this bought and paid for Mayor to bring the polar opposites together. See Mo Fiscal/MO/Kathryn even the libpros think this stadium in the bottom is a horrible idea.

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