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Mayor presents updated Shockoe Stadium plans

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RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) – The Mayor’s office presented an updated look at the planned Shockoe Stadium during a Finance and Economic Development Committee meeting Thursday night.

Under the new plan, the stadium would sit on more land not yet acquired by the city, reported the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

“The shift seems to have been motivated in part by a desire to avoid triggering a federal review of historic resources,” Times-Dispatch reporter Graham Moomaw wrote. “A half block off Ambler Street that had been mapped for apartments will now be used as a parking lot that could serve both the Richmond Flying Squirrels stadium and the proposed slave heritage site at Lumpkin’s Jail.”

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  • Becky

    The Consortium(s) of Private/Government are their “Playing” their biggest Hoax, Con, Fraud …Against We the People, without Our Say..
    These Tax Exempt/Non Profits are Party Donors, Contributors, and Party Operatives. They already receive Tax Advantages, Taxes, and Party Donations from the Public.
    The Mayor, CAO, City Council, Richmond Attorney, Governor, CA
    Herring are all in cahoots and “working it”.
    According to The US, IRS Tax Code (Law) these Tax Exempts
    They deliberately set it up this way. Party Operatives,Using Party Government to Subsidize Party Government. Down & Dirty “Deals” conducted behind their closed doors, of Our Government,
    while holding hands under the Party Consortium(s) Board Tables.

  • Becky

    As long has this long-running scheme has been on the Board Books,
    the Mayor, his CAO, his Executive Management Team and ALL of
    the “Civil Leaders”, with their experts in all areas, have not been
    incapable or producing or presenting an Honest, legitimate,
    documented and substantial Complete Proposal; within time
    restraints, or withinall the time extensions.
    Yet, The pocketed City Council, with members sitting on the Consortiums’ Boards, consistently kowtows and scrapes to
    placate their Party’s Donor/Lobbyists/Contributors and Party
    Cohorts over and above City Charter, and City Residents..
    They are ALL despicable, disgusting, and not the least bit
    creditable or worthy of The Public Trust, Confidence or the
    Public Coffers,,,deliberately derailing The Public’s Say.
    NO faith, confidence, belief, or trust in Positively Richmond
    Government bought and taken away from We The People.

  • Becky

    This Mayor should be brought up on charges for corruption, collusion,
    waste, fraud and abuse, abuse of office, and dereliction of duties.
    He signed an Oath of Office to SERVE Resident/Tax Payers; not
    Serve his Donors’ Tax Exempt/Non Profit(?) Special Interests.
    He deliberately took Away the People’ Government and Abscounded
    Our Taxes, deceptively and illegally.
    He has produced Failures, Scandals, Debacles, and Dysfunctions
    since 09 that are never, ever, remedied.

  • Ed

    I think this is a better plan than the first one. This is a miner league team not a cash cow. Now if you could get more people to sing up to use the very expensive redskins park besides just the red skins that will bring in more out siders to the area. I also so like the slave Museum idea as well. Richmond needs more tourism. Miner league sports is not going to bring in the out siders. Pro sports would and great museums will. The government needs to stop spending money on things that are not going to bring at least 50,000 or more people to down town. They need to stop picking the money for them selfs. Give the money to the city! kIng a jones gets what he wants. He needs to give the money to the city. long live the king ha ha

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