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VIDEO: What one teacher did to her kindergarten student left child’s mother in tears

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WHARTON, Ohio (WTVR) - An Ohio kindergarten teacher was suspended 10 days from school after she was captured on video grabbing a student by the face and pinning him up against the wall.

The child's parents want the teacher fired and said they planned to pursue criminal charges against the teacher.

"We thought it was just a little incident that happened, and that's what the school made it out to sound like," the parents told "And then all of a sudden we get this video today and this is just outrageous."

The incident left six-year-old Ian with a bruise on the back of his head, the child's parents said.

"I watched it out in the kitchen and I just started crying. I burst out in tears. I called my mom. I called his mom. I started calling everybody. I was like I don't know what to do," mother Autumn Nelson said.

In a letter to the Nelsons, school superintendent Eric Hoffman called the teacher's actions "unwarranted and unprofessional."

Ian's parents said they have since moved their son into another teacher's classroom.

"He's scared of her. Even going to the school next year or the year after, he will still have to see her if she is present in the building. That's probably going to scare him," Autumn Nelson said.


  • Katherine

    HOW DARE SHE!!! Apparently given the slow reaction by police and the school system her 14 years of service is weighing heavy on the leaders of this community. How many other children has she abused over her 14 years????? She is a disgrace to teachers! She is a disgrace to her school, her community!!! She is a disgrace to the human race!!! Fired and Jail time!!!!! We trust teachers with our children, she has violated that trust, and has violated this poor child. Every parent should stand with these parents and protest this school until drastic measures are taken to ensure not another child will ever be subjected to this animal ever again. DISGRACEFUL. Shame on the superintendent for not firing her immediately!!!!!

  • Gary McComas

    You mean the teacher is getting the chance to do aanother student ths
    way. She needs some country justice

  • Wayne king

    The schools should go back to paddling. Then there would be no need to touch the kids for any other reason. Disipline does need to be taught at school. But most importantly at home. Not saying this lil guy was doing right or wrong. From the video, it looks as if the teacher was the one in the wrong. But as always there are always two sides to a story. We’re only seeing one, unfortunately.

  • Lexie

    As a teacher at a title 1 school in a rough area I can say with conviction that no matter how difficult a situation may be, you need to document those difficult situations and allow security and police to deal with actions beyond things such as detention, phone call, referral etc.

    However, having been threatened by students and seeing violence erupt quickly in a classroom situation I will say that unless you are or have been a teacher you cannot speak to the difficulties some students create. Take for example the situation above where a kindergarten teacher is attacked by her student.

    Again- as the adult and authority she should not be laying hands on this student. And there are many tenured teachers who aren’t reprimanded properly for their actions. But if we paid more for more qualified teachers and attracted enough people to the teaching profession so the schools could afford to fire teachers like her this kind of stuff wouldn’t be happening.

  • jessica

    When you look into the career of being a teacher you should know what comes along with the job, she knew everyday wasnt going to be a good one. She had no right to do that, whether he was egging it on or not. There are plenty other disciplinary actions she could have taken. If it were my child they wouldn’t have to worry about suspension because I would be the one getting arrested for murder. My thoughts go out for the family.

  • tutu

    The father should grab her by the neck push her head backwards and forget how long he is pounding it on the wall or drop her off in the hood with a sign on her back that says “I abuse 30 year old children” .

  • Jeff Padula

    When I was that kid’s age back in the 60’s that kind of stuff used to happen all the time. Especially the male teachers used to rough up kids all the time. No video back then.

  • Kim Poitras

    What a disgusting display coming from a teacher! Takes a lot of brains to abuse a helpless child. Wonder what she thought she would accomplish by showing her true colors and how she has affected this child’s life for who knows how long. Since they won’t fire her tells me a lot about their mentality.

  • Sissy

    For all the ones saying their are 2 sides and what did the kid do to the teacher to make her do that I PRAY THEY ARE NOT teachers…who would watch that having children and ask such stupid questions??

  • Dawn

    If she did this to this boy, what do u think she is doing to the other kids in the class and if she did this on video, just think about what she did when she went into the bathroom with him were there is no video, there no telling how bad of things she did to him!!!


    Im sorry there is no reason for a teacher to put their hands on any student the way she did this young man. Now I drove a school bus for all most 20 years and I was never allowed to put my hands on any of the students. So what give her the right to do this . NONE If it was my child you better believe she would know just how it feel to be up adjusted that wall and more.



  • kamila

    If that was my son, that teacher would accidentally would fall and disfigure herself. What a shame that would be!

  • Leigh

    There is never a valid reason for a teacher putting his hands on a child expect to restrain the child from hurting himself or another. Our new kindergarten standards require so much more from five year olds today than before. Today in CCPS, kindergarteners are given 1 recess and only get PE once a week. They are expected to sit quietly and work for the other 7 hours. Also, educational study proves that most little boys learn very differently from little girls, yet we make no allowances for that. I am not surprised if this little boy didn’t sit still and was a “problem” for this teacher and his classmates. However, perhaps due to his age and mental developement, he couldn’t sit. I am sickened by this teacher’s behavior.

  • Kat

    I don’t think this teacher should lose her job. I do think she should be suspended. Nobody knows exactly what happened. Children need to learn respect. I don’t think she should have been so violent, however I don’t believe children are raised to respect their elders. I have 3 sons & I want them to respect adults. Some of the children that my 6 year old son play with have no respect for adults. We teach our kids respect. This boy is very small compared to this teacher, however she deserves another chance & that is my opinion. If the child was punished to this extent for doing absolutely nothing then she should be committed.

  • peechdoctor

    I cannot believe anyone would defend that “teacher”. . . I don’t care if he called her every bitch in the book and spit in her face. . even if he was the worst kid ever (but from the video he seems very scared, not mean or defiant at all). . she is an adult, he is a child. . bottom line. . if an adult can’t handle children the last thing they should be is a teacher. . what she did was bully and abuse that little boy. . . she should be locked up. . there is no telling how much damage she did to his little psyche. ..

  • Shauna

    To everyone who watches this video: Please don’t let this impact your feelings about educators. If you were to video every other worker in that building you would see nothing but love, care, and dedication to helping children grow and learn. This is a rarity. Please, please, remember that. The field of education is currently undergoing enough scrutiny, change, damage from politics, and lack of appreciation to let this video mold your opinion of the general term “teacher.”

  • Saraha

    I think she should loose her license, and never be aloud to teach again I was treated this way in second grade the teacher was not punished . I had a lot of problems due to the abuse . When my mom found marks she took me in the school. I think this women has no excuse to put her hands on a child.

  • Rachel

    While I am in no way condoning this teacher’s actions, I’m actually surprised that this doesn’t happen more often. They give these teachers a classroom with 30 students (5 year olds!), an administration that pressures them to teach only to the tests so the schools receive funding, support parents over teachers, and give them a whopping $28,000 salary and little public validation for their hard work. It does not surprise me that this teacher popped. The public school system as a whole is a disturbing place.

  • Jason

    I’m not ready yet to jump on the “fire the teacher” bandwagon. It didn’t look to me like there was anything there that would actually harm the child. Teachers, today, are put in a situation where kids are not taught to respect authority. We don’t know the whole story. It’s possible maybe the kid needed to be jerked up. Then again maybe not

  • rol

    in Western Australia I was taking my little boys lunch down sometimes and what an eye opener, the things I seen from teachers, I filed two complaints with Ed dept but they are there to protect and minimize so it went no further than we recommended counseling by the principal. ha! what a joke.

  • JAS

    In 5th Grade, I was picked up off the ground by my throat by my music teacher and slammed against a wall, much like what is depicted here. I was acting up in class (perennial class clown here), and I very much deserved it.

    Needless to say, it scared the heck out of me, and I never acted up in Mr. Anderson’s class EVER again. Life lessons come in all sizes.

    A little hazing in this capacity serves right some overly active children (especially boys). For all you helicopter parents, realize your toddler isn’t always a saint, and pulling out a leather belt sometimes can have a lasting impact.

    The anticipation of death is worse than death itself…

    • cece

      i hate that it took this to bring you to this place. but you realize that it takes extreme measures with some kids. this child was bullying another child. this is why the teacher did what she did. i don’t think being mean to kids is right, but the thing is…when parents aren’t available sometimes this happens.

  • Jason

    That mother f’r. good thing they didn’t say her name but i might do some research and find that fat beach on her social networks and bomb her and harass her but then they wil come after me because that’s so so much worse that putting a little kids face into a wall. If a teacher did that to my kid i know someone who would be waiting in the teacher’s parking lot to smash her head in the hood of her vehicle a few times after she stops talking. if a parent spanks or smacks their kids they have child services called but a teacher could do this i don’t think so. if you are saying this is because kids are getting bullied, next time an adult sees your kid bully their’s lets see how many times they put your kids face in the wall or ground before you raise hell.

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