Boil alert issued for Hopewell, Prince George subdivisions

Driver killed after semi drives off Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel

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VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WTVR) - One person has been killed after a tractor-trailer drove off the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel Thursday morning.

Police said the accident happened near mile marker 15 when the truck struck a light pole, slammed through the guardrail and landed in the Chesapeake Bay just after 10 a.m.

Four Navy divers said that the driver was “too entangled” in the wreckage to be saved, according to the Virginia Beach Fire Department's Amy Valdez.

“It’s a multi-jurisdictional response to make sure all of the responders are safe. Concerned with what the truck may be carrying or if anything was spilled into the water, no hazards at this point. As far as what is in the trailer, they don’t know,” Valdez said.

WTKR reports that the semi was headed northbound as workers were repairing cracks on the bridge when the big rig slammed into a maintenance truck. That caused the tractor-trailer to jack-knife and sail off the bridge.

Navy, Coast Guard and Virginia Beach Fire crews were dispatched to the accident. Virginia Beach Fire and EMS crews worked to rescue the driver who was inside the cab when the semi crashed through the guard rail and landed in the water.

Additionally, Navy crews hooked cables to the truck's cab and trailer to keep the big rig from drifting away.

One northbound lane of traffic was closed on the bridge-tunnel near mile marker 15. The bridge-tunnel was open to all traffic as of 12 p.m., but drivers were advised to use caution and plan for delays.

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  • Blackbeered

    I agree with Jake … odds are the driver of the semi was more competent that those working the road crew.

  • Carlene

    Since you were not the driver then you can not say if it was his fault or not. Drive for a day in his/her shoes then you can judge.

  • Gordon A

    God forbid the road repair truck had any real flashing lights beside the 4 ways., I have seen some of these road crew guys in Hampton and VB and believe me they do not have enough flashing lights to be seen far enough away. Not near enough warnings
    Unless you were at the scene and know for a fact what happened it is best to shut up keep mouth closed . It could have been heart attack,. Run off the road by some idiot in a car that can barely see past his hood .

  • shelley

    i was on the brdige when this happen and the workers had it WELL marked, there were signs at the beginning that read workers working proceed with cation, there was flashing lights saying lane comeing to an end, the workers have to be safe while working,, this is such a shame but it is not the workers or the bridges fault.

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