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UPDATED: Elderly Chesterfield man robbed in his own driveway

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CHESTERFIELD, Va. (WTVR) -- Chesterfield Police say an elderly man pulled into his driveway Thursday, tried to get out, but turned to see a gun stuck in his face.

And the suspects’ getaway car was already in position.

CBS 6 reporter Jon Burkett said an elderly man was robbed in his driveway off Woodpecker Road at gunpoint this afternoon. The man, who his wife said his in his 80s, lives right next to Matoaca High School.

Off Woodpecker Road

Forensics officers are on the scene, and police are investigating.

Neighbors say the elderly man is a well-known retired Tri-Cities doctor  who police say he was robbed at gunpoint in his own driveway Thursday afternoon.  The thieves made off with his wallet.

"We’re just not used to that in this area," said another neighbor, Jeremy Henry.

As a forensic officer dusted the door of the victim’s pick-up truck for fingerprints, Henry said his neighbors were unnerved by the brazen-broad daylight crime.

"I don't know if they saw him and followed him home,” he said.  “I know he's older and maybe they thought he was an easy target.  My mom lives with us and she's a bit paranoid, so I guess we have to be more aware of what's going on around us."

The elderly man’s wife confirmed her husband is in his 80's and he lives right next door to Matoaca High School.  The robbery went down around 3:15 p.m. so school had already been out for more than an hour.

Police tell CBS-6 they're looking for two men and described the getaway car to neighbors.  "They asked me if I'd seen a blue four-door Nissan," said the woman.

With the suspects still at large she said she's taking no chances to become a target for retaliation. "Apparently these people feel entitled and feel they're entitled to take whatever they want," she said.

The elderly man was a bit shaken up by the incident but OK.  Police have always said the smartest thing to do during a robbery is comply.

The suspect is described as a black male, about 5 feet 11 inches tall and 160 pounds. He had a light complexion and was wearing a white T-shirt.

The driver of the suspect vehicle was not identified.

Anyone with information should contact the Chesterfield County Police Department at 804-748-1251 or Crime Solvers at 804-748-0660 or



  • dalebo

    yea guess they don’t need our help or they don’t wanna keep repeating the same ole thing.My guess would be a white male in a hoodie,you know like always

    • Neko

      Ill come back to your comment once they’ve described the perpetrator. Hope your correct after writing that…

  • Lori

    if it was a Black individual, you can believe the story would have said so, and a sketch or actual picture would have been well…

  • joshua

    How about everyone over 70 watch Gran Torino and use Clint Eastwoods character as an example to make the world a better place by making any color or race of thug pay for their inhumane actions. Especially if any of us are already diagnosed with a terminal illness.

  • Jeff

    Man that just pisses me off. I live right around here and to do that to some older man thats worked his entire life for what he has is just messed up. Didn’t think people right around here would do something like that

  • pu.pc

    Update: Police still do not have a description of who they are looking
    or to help resident be aware? Guess it takes time to correctly frame
    public information, obtained during the performance of public service; paid for by the Public.

  • dalebo

    hey neko,you know where u can go.We all knew it was a black male,wow,learn to consider a joke,you fool

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