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LONGVIEW, Texas (WTVR) — A 34-year-old Texas woman is behind bars accused of pretending to be a 15-year-old high school student.

Charity Anne Johnson was enrolled at a high school in Longview under the alias of “Charity Stevens” before authorities found out she had provided a fake name and birthday, KLTV reports.

A photo of Charity from her Facebook page where she was listed under her alias “Charite” (SOURCE: Facebook via KLTV)

A photo of Charity from her Facebook page where she was listed under her alias “Charite” (SOURCE: Facebook via KLTV)

Johnson had been attending New Life Christian School since October 2013.

However, school staff members just discovered Tuesday that her identification was fake.

Tamica Lincoln said she has been acting as Johnson’s parental guardian since March of 2013 when she claimed to be an abused 15-year-old who “needed a place to crash.”

School officials said a person claiming to be Johnson’s guardian walked in and helped the woman enroll for school with a birth date that indicated she was 15.

Lincoln admitted that she enrolled  Johnson in school in October and even met with her teachers, which unknowingly give more credence to Johnson’s bizarre scheme.

“I just don’t know why she did it. Why put yourself and others at risk to do something like this?” Lincoln told KLTV. “I have deep concerns about her being who we don’t know she is, and then she’s out there at the school.”

However, once Lincoln learned Charity was accused of using a fake identity, she called police and headed to the school.

“Teachers were crying and students were crying, and her best friend just couldn’t believe it,” Lincoln said.

Johnson, who was charged with failure to identify/giving false, fictitious information, is being held in jail on $500 bond.


  • Besus

    Wow!! How does a grown woman sit through high school for months, befriending kids old enough to be her daughter?! I hope she gets the mental help that she needs! SMH!

  • jessica lopez

    wow. It finally caught upwith her. Our family knew her for 6years. For some reason she was getting younger and younger. Lol She always kept lying about her age. Lol Until we found out her real age and she bailed out on us

  • Amber vaillancourt

    Earned income credit? Get a life and a job! I just hope she wasn’t a drug dealer, prostitute, or dating any of the school age boys! #trifling

  • lori tanner

    ive seen some south of the border students in the middle school that act/talk/look like an adult. Im certain they are way older than their classmates as if they are there for protection or something.

  • athynz

    I have to ask what adult would go through all the trouble to falsify their identity and willingly sit through high school again? It was a good experience for the most part but it was a stepping stone to bigger and better things. Now if she posed as a college student I could understand it a bit better but high school?

  • Sky Wallace

    She obviously has some kind of mental issues because who could pull that off for so long just for fun? You are bound to slip up, I think she made her self believe that she was 15, I don’t think she should be sitting in jail or prison, she didn’t kill anybody or physically hurt anybody, she needs to get the help she needs, everybody deserves a 2nd chance!

  • nikki

    Maybe her high school days was so much fun, she wanted to do it all over again..good luck…kids ain’t how they use to be!

  • J. Johnson

    failure to identify is to a POLICE officer, not some random lady who then takes you in as her own child.

  • Jenny

    Such awesome reporting here: “…and even met with her teachers, which unknowingly give more credence to Johnson’s bizarre scheme.” Teachers are not a “which”, they are a “who”. Is this chick 31 or 34? And if that’s the same girl in both pics, she must have ballooned in weight: hardly any resemblance. The article simply says that they found out she was using a fake ID: HOW??? As usual, info is missing from the story. Why is that?? Leaving facts out is not good journalism. Take a note, WTVR Editor.

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