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$195,000 in Redskins revenue ‘hasn’t arrived’ for Richmond schools

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RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) - It's been nearly a year since the Redskins Training Camp made it's way to Richmond last summer.

According to the city, the football experience brought in over $230,000 in City Tax Revenue based on a preliminary analysis.

According to a resolution, the city is to dedicate $195,000 a year for schools' program enhancements from the tax revenue impact of training camp for eight years.

"At the Mayor's state of the city speech he proclaimed that they were well over their projected expectations for tax revenue so I was expecting a check any day and it still hasn't arrived," said Richmond School Board member, Kim Gray.

Gray said she started questioning city leaders about the money last year. She said she was told that money was going to go the schools this budget year.

"The ordinance refers to tax revenue that's realized in this fiscal year and we have another few months left in this fiscal year and we still haven't received that money," said Richmond School Board member Glen Sturtevant.

CBS 6's Chelsea Rarrick took some of the school board member's questions to Chief Administrative Officer Byron Marshall on Wednesday.

"Those eight years run with the lease on the facility by the Redskins," said Marshall. "What we've done is put money in the fiscal year 15 budget to satisfy that requirement."

CBS 6's Chelsea Rarrick told Marshall that some school leaders were told by an employee that they were going to see that tax revenue money in the budget this year.

"I don't know who that employee is, but this is what I'm saying is going to happen," said Marshall.

Still, Gray said it's money the school needed to see now.

"It's unfair to children to have to endure the conditions because adults don't do what they say they're going to do," said Gray.

Marshall said the $195,000 will be put into the RPS budget on July 1. He also said RPS is getting an additional $4.8 million in next year's budget.


  • rickenhouse

    wonder where that money went prob in someones pocket and now the tight wad needs to get off the money and put it where it needs to go in to our kids schools not some STUPID stadium that does nothing for our childrens education. Education first ppl not that stadium. Our schools are falling apart and in desparate need of repairs. Focus on the children of our future not where a game can be played and how better it can be.

    • Mo Fiscal conservatism

      They’ll be alright. I’d prefer a new stadium anyway. Of course, I went to private school and so will my kids. So public school isn’t exactly a priority in my eyes. Most of them will end up with “Joby-jobs” anyway, so in the long run the ballpark is a smarter investment.

      • athynz

        Imagine that – preferring a stadium over the education of any kids other than yours. Not that I’m surprised by that Kathryn, you are after all a typical elitist libpro with an entitlement attitude.

  • Far West Endie

    The proof in the pudding will be if RPS receives eight fiscal years of funding at $195,000 each. I say fat chance of that happening.

  • Becky

    Dysfunction Junction-Richmond with abject, transparent,
    dereliction of oaths, obligations, responsibilities, at most if not
    all, City Agencies & Departments. NO Open Government.
    Pitted against residents/tax payers by Party Consortiums
    Donors for Tax Dollars “Deals”.
    Don’t hold the City Executives and City Council responsible,
    because they aren’t, and don’t have to be. But, all its perfectly
    PC and will be Covered Up in accordance with SOP/MO.
    All systematically set up, orchestrated, and manipulated
    to Run according to Party Plans.

  • Becky

    Bon Secours is consistently represented throughout the
    Tax Exempt/Non Profit Special Interest Consortiums as a Donor/
    Lobbyist/Political Party Sponsor.
    IRS Code states Tax Exempt status Groups are not Allowed to
    Engage in “Politics”. Supposed all those Consortiums’ Board Lawyers
    know that? How about city, state, and federal Legal Officials from
    DOJ, Herring as State AG, Law Makers, down to Richmond City
    Attorney know that? They must. The Consortiums are made of
    specificially and deliberately of Private Business “Leaders” and Government “Leaders”‘ professional experts..

  • athynz

    Yet another bit of confirmation that the mayor and his corrupt administration simply do not care about the education and welfare of our children.

  • B Addy

    They could recieve 10,000,000.00 today and the results would be the same. Any new facilities would be trashed in no time.

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