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Miracle baby born weighing less a than a pint of milk

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APPLE VALLEY, Calif. (WTVR) — The wife of a Virginia-based soldier hopes to go home Thursday after delivering what some are calling a miracle baby.

The tiny baby boy weighed less than a pint of milk — just 14-ounces – when he was born Tuesday in California.

James Maize flew out to Apple Valley — where his wife lives now.

The mother was only 22-weeks pregnant when she had a complication with the umbilical cord that put the baby’s life in jeopardy, so doctors decided to do an emergency C-section.

The couple said they wanted to give their son a chance at life because their daughter died last year, she was also born when the mother was only 22-weeks into that pregnancy.

“If he’s a fighter, you know, we want him to fight and make his own decisions,” Maize said. “It`s rough…just being able to sit there at his bedside and just pretty much whisper.”

Maize and his wife will spend many months visiting their son in intensive care.


  • Amy

    Thinking of and praying for this family. They do have a long road ahead of them. May they know the same support and love we did when our son was born at 23 weeks.

  • Deborah Fochler

    God Bless and keep this baby safe so he can grow strong and go home to be loved by his parents. Prayers so his parents can endure the ordeal ahead of them as anyone who has been thru this knows there are ups and downs – moments of absolute terror and moments of extreme happiness with each small improvement. Love and prayers for this family.

  • kathy

    Come on little baby you can fight, your mama and daddy need u right now. His little sister is watching over him in heaven helping him fight.

  • Courtney

    That baby is lucky that he was born in California. If mom had been in Va where dad is stationed they would have let him die. They (& NC) refuse to help a baby born before 24wks and I think that practice or policy is absolutely awful. Even the children’s hospital in Va is that way. Keeping baby & family in our prayers!!!

  • Kim Snead

    Praying for you baby boy and prayers for mommy and daddy too May God’s strenght, love and blessings be yours. Love and hugs sent to you all.

  • GuamMom

    Prayers to this sweet family. My daughter was born at 23 weeks and turns 4 tomorrow. It is a long and heart-breaking journey. Prayer and focus of my baby is all I could do to keep sane. God Bless and keep you.

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