6 brothers accused of sexually abusing girl

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PERQUIMANS COUNTY, N.C. (WTVR) — Six brothers were charged in connection to the sexual abuse of a teenage girl with whom they were homeschooled, according to a report on WTKR.com.

The girl, whose relationship to the suspects was not released, said she was abused from ages four to 14. The girl is now 16 years old. The suspects range in age from 18 to 27.

The parents of the suspects were also charged because they witnessed the abuse, according to the report.

The arrests came after the girl moved to Colorado and shared her abuse story with Child Protective Services there, according to WTKR.com.

All six of the brothers are now being held on $150, 000 bond. They are awaiting an arraignment that has not been scheduled yet.

The parents have been released on $15,000 bond.


  • lindsey duinvan

    Maybe its just me but really all 6. I mean i can see 1 or 2 but come on all 6 is a little excessive.

      • Joe Johnson

        where’s your statistics count manalishi? BTW. Do you have a real job or do you just post comments?

    • J.B.

      Just 1 is excessive. I can’t see anyone doing this. How can you say that you could see 1 or 2 but not 6. I really hope i am reading your post wrong and not hearing that it is ok for 1 or 2 people to do this in your mind, if i am i apologize.

  • Momof3

    I know someone that was sexually abused by 4 of his uncles. All knew what the other was doing. So to say you can’t believe 6 could but maybe 1 or 2 is believable?? Just sounds stupid.

  • kitty

    This is horrific but if it was blacks did this to a black or white girl….the comments would be more harsh..and racist as heck……🔨

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