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Randy Taylor maintains innocence in jailhouse interview

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Convicted killer Randy Taylor spoke out for the first time since his arrest last summer in connection with the disappearance and death of Nelson County teenager Alexis Murphy.

Last week, a jury convicted him on those charges.

In an interview with Newsplex reporter Chris Stover, Taylor says he turned down a plea deal midway through the trial. The deal, he said, would've capped his sentence at 20 years.

"It's overwhelming because, like I said, turning down the deal, I figured I would get the truth out here," Taylor said. "If I would've done this as a guilty person, I would take the deal and be out in 16 years of a 20 year deal. But I had all my faith believing that I'd be exonerated of all these charges."

Commonwealth's Attorney Anthony Martin has not yet confirmed whether a plea deal was offered, Newsplex reported.

Taylor maintained his innocence.

"There's just too many things that haven't been told for me to be convicted of murder of Alexis Murphy," he said. "I did not murder Alexis Murphy. I did not abduct Alexis Murphy."

Over the course of the trial, prosecutors played audio tapes in which Taylor got caught up in his own lies.

"I was frightened at first because I thought she was just a runaway person," he said. "This was not local law enforcement. This was FBI. I did get a little upset about it at first that I made the statements. I wanted to correct the statement right after it happened."

One of the lies was about inviting the 17-year-old high school senior over to his camper on Route 29, just about a mile north of the Liberty gas station where Alexis was last seen. After denying having her in his camper many times, he finally admitted to investigators she had been there after they presented him with DNA evidence.

Surveillance video from the Liberty gas station also shows Taylor speaking with Alexis on the night she disappeared.

"I smoked marijuana before, and she had asked me about smoking marijuana before," he said. "That's all we were mainly talking about."

Since his arrest, Taylor has claimed a third person was also involved. He said a man, later identified by investigators as Dameon Bradley, joined Alexis at his camper.

Prosecutors said there was no evidence to suggest a third person was ever in Taylor's camper. Bradley testified as a witness for the prosecution, saying he's never met Taylor.

"I'm quite surprised because that's not what happened," Taylor said of Bradley's testimony. "He knows what happened. He knows he was there."

The jury recommended two life sentences for Taylor, but a judge will make the final decision this summer.

Taylor said he plans to appeal the verdict, ideally seeking a re-trial in a different locality.

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  • Dustin Cavanaugh

    ““This was not local law enforcement. This was FBI. I did get a little upset about it at first that I made the statements. I wanted to correct the statement right after it happened.”” this goes back to what I was telling Scott the possibly fake LEO about forced confessions and forced confusion and statements.

    • Scott

      this goes back to what I was telling Dustin, the possibly fake male, about forced confessions and forced confusion and statements. Dustin life is hard enough but it must be even harder when you are a freaking idiot. You can make excuses for your uncle all you want but us in the adult world do not have that luxury. You choose to ignore the DNA evidence which I have previously attempted to explain to you, you choose to ignore he only changed his statements once we showed him irrefutable evidence he was lying, i.e. if Alexis Murphy was ever in his camper. I would hope even you could answer that question. He was adamant she was never in his camper until we showed him her DNA. You choose to ignore the telephonic link analysis, you choose to ignore the video evidence, which was introduced at trial, linking him to the crime, you choose to ignore he admitted lying to us over and over. You choose to ignore Taylor’s most recent version is he left two total strangers, in his words he had just met, in his camper and left to buy beer. We went to the store where he said he went. Guess what Dustin the store employees were adamant Taylor, who they knew, did not go to the store he said he went to that night. Sound suspicious yet Dustin ? Who would leave two total strangers in their camper ? We confirmed without a doubt the black male Damien was in Alabama the Saturday night of Alexis’s disappearance. Damien, unlike Taylor, had an alibi because he was in another state. Why do you think Taylor’s defense attorney didnt ask Damien about that. Taylor’s defense attorney knew Damien was in another state the night she was abducted and murdered.

      The questions were simple he chose to lie. What is confusing about, “Has Alexis ever been in your camper?” Taylor’s response, “No never”…

      your mother was right dustin you should have stayed in school and earned your ged…

      this will be the last time I check the posting because your lack of intelligence and common since could be deemed criminal… get a job, get a life and go back to school son…I am tired of being your Daddy…

      • julia

        When you tell people they need to get their GED, its probably best if you know the difference between *since and *sense. Just saying. You know what they say about people in glass houses.
        Personally I find it hard to swallow that any person who can hide a whole body, can’t get rid of a cell phone we assume he destroyed, and clean his house in the 8 days between the time she went missing and he was picked up. Especialy considering the fact that among the dna evidence they have reported to found was a bloody shirt of his. Couldn’t be bothered to toss that with the body? Guess that was his favorite shirt ever. Who gave this Bradley guy his alibi? His Dad I assume. No Dad has ever lied for a kid in trouble, but murderers often pulled random names out their ***. Just made up the name of a family members boyfriend that he knows nothing about. Because it makes more *sense for a 17 year old beautiful girl to go off with some creepy old dude by herself than to have someone she knows goes with her.
        None of any of this adds up to me. But stranger things have happened I suppose. And this is not to say that he is or isn’t innocent, but that circumstancial dna evidence would not be enough for me to convict a man of murder. Particularly if the girl hasn’t even been missing for a year yet. Our court system used to rely on “beyond a reasonable doubt.” Apparently this concept has become obsolete, or misunderstood at best.

  • sandy

    I believe he’s innocent. They do have the wrong person. They just want to close the case and don’t care if they have the right person or not. I don’t understand it. I would want the right one put behind bars.When you put the wrong one behind bars you are ruining his whole life for nothing is that far to him no. I don’t care if you just put one wrong one behind bars you just ruined his life , his families, and if he has kids or grandkids. Come on you need to relook at this case I knew nothing about this case and I know he didn’t kill her. The person is still out there I’m telling you.

    • BO

      I believe it too considering the history of the area.Its all about career advancement on the backs of the poor who can’t mount a proper defense.Don’t ever think the public defender is your friend.seen too many railroad their own clients.When the next girl goes missing what then?someones out there they know it and did a typical pol move of we got him and now are praying nothing else happens.we need better people then them in LE.

  • Teresa

    You people are crazy.. TWO missing girls.. not just one.. TWO! This man is pure evil and I for one, am glad he will never live free again!

  • heroinelove

    This man was the last known person to see or talk to these girls alive. They have blood evidence her phone and other items belonging to Alexis on his property. How can anyone think this man is innocent? Do a little research next time before making that kind of statement.

  • Belsma

    I don’t know if RAT did it, but he sure is suspect. A jury of his peers has found him guilty. If you guys are so convinced he is not guilty then contact The Innocence Project and ask them look at the case. Also, if it is not him, more girls will go missing, unfortunately.

  • Megan

    I am not saying he is guilty or not guilty but often people get convicted of crimes that they did not do. And Nelson done a poor job proving he is guilty! Nelson County is small town. Also let me break this down for you. First of all she went to hang out with this man willingly. She drove to his trailer to SMOKE POT..so let’s just say that she was there around 4 hours..smoking pot and hanging out? How many of you have had fake nails? Okay lots of time you pick them off! Especially YOUNGER girls. So who is to say she didn’t take it off on her own? Also fake eyelashes? They itch! Also she is a YOUNG..so lots of times YOUNG girl rub their eyes and rub off there make up..she was there a long time. I know people keep saying now what if she was your sister, daughter, or mother? Won’t you want him to pay? I would want the right person to pay. Not just someone who may have done it? Also they didn’t find the “blood” until the second time they searched his trailer? Really? Really? Why wouldn’t they have found it the first time? Do you know how the police search a house/car or anything? No blood in his or her car? No body? No body parts? None of he clothes? No smoking gun? A eyelash..A fake nail..and blood they “found” the second time? That’s what they have? And he is a murder? Really? Now what if he was your dad or brother? Would it be enough? NO NO NO! Do a better job proving he is guilty! Or find the real killer!!!!

    • BO

      The real serial killer being one above suspicion is telling on how little was needed to convict this guy.Look at everyone involved in this LE side.the real killer is still out there.

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