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City Council compromise restores Shockoe money, provides other increases

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) – Mayor Dwight C. Jones and Richmond City Council on Monday announced they had reached an agreement to move the city’s budget forward.

On May 1, council voted 5-4 on budget amendments that cut $12.6 for Mayor Dwight Jones’ proposed ball-park development plan in Shockoe Bottom. The money would have paid for road, water and electricity upgrades that would be needed if the stadium was built in the Bottom. A million was left for the mayor’s proposal.

The mayor had threatened to veto the budget amendments, which would require a support of six council votes to override.

The newly announced agreement restores previous cuts to the Shockoe infrastructure, but only $10.6 million. This is a $3 million reduction from the Mayor’s original proposal.

This agreement secures additional funding for key projects to move the City forward and avoids a mayoral veto.

Council gets to preserve some of the funding for school maintenance and a riverfront plan; where they had hoped to redirect the money from the ball-park development plan.

The mayor’s original budget has $5 million in new funding for additional capital needs for Richmond Public Schools, and the compromised adds $2.05 million to that.

For comparison the 2014 fiscal year budget allotted $600,000 for school maintenance.

With the new budget agreement there will be $1.5 million allotted for bicycle infrastructure, $100,000 for the Oliver Hill Courts Building and $250,000 for blighted properties

Those measures will be funded by a a $3.9 million reduction in capital funding for the proposed E-911 Center, while retaining funding to plan the facility.

The $3 million in funding for the Riverfront will be drawn from the city’s anticipated FY14 revenue surplus.

The agreement reduces the $4.5 million in capital improvements that had been proposed for individual Council districts.

The mayor and City Council President Charles Samuels, 2nd District, announced the compromise.

“It’s been very encouraging to see the outpouring of support for public schools this year,” Mayor Jones said. “From my conversations with students, members of the School Board and City Council, and due to my confidence in our new School Superintendent, I’m pleased that we’ve been able to add additional funding for public schools. We’re all committed to our public schools, the riverfront, and our bicycling infrastructure. This agreement moves these projects forward.”

“I am pleased with this agreement that invests in our shared priorities to move the City forward and avoids a Mayoral veto or override,” Samuels said. “Richmond City Council and the Mayor came together, negotiated in good faith, and produced a positive result for the City.”


  • manalishi

    “City Council compromise restores Shockoe money, provides other increases”. And does’t do a damned thing for schools, economics, or crime. This is the same kind of democrat thinking that has donk with 22’s but lives with g-ma. And that’s just another example why democrats destroy everything they are responsible for,,,,including the children.

    Bring it.

  • Becky

    Sick of Positively Richmond’s Democratic Dysfunction Junction.
    100% Pure Party governance of,by, for, and through Their Party’s Special Interest Consortiums, by any means, tactics, scams and cons enabled through their complicit, compliant, and Purely Party Public Servants that REFUSE the Public Residents/Tax Payers.
    You are being set up for Tax Increases to C.their.A for all their
    wild spending to suit The Party Way for their Exclusively Party Only.
    You’ve been Jonesed, again!!!.

  • Becky

    Internal Revenue Service code (the U.S. Tax code) permits, under section 501(c)(3), certain organizations to be exempt from income tax. This includes churches and foundations. The cost of this tax-free status is that such groups MAY NOT ENGAGE IN POLITICS.
    Odd huh? Media Matters, The Joyce Foundation (Gun Control),
    Move On, Venture Richmond, Sports Backers, All versions of
    LovingRVA, Richmond Urban Collective. 2015 Bike Championships,
    Planned Parenthood, NAACP, just to name a few
    ….all Tax Exempt/Non Profits….All Political Operatives of the Democratic Party.


  • athynz

    And once again the schools get little funding and they wonder why the schools under perform year after year. But yeah there’s enough money for a new ballpark.

  • Glen Allen

    City Council sold out! Where is the Mayor’s months overdue “detailed” plan? Where is the Traffic Study?

    • Becky

      All the Kings horses, all the Kings men of Consortium Board Experts
      can’t, won’t, refuse to produce and submit a legitimate, documented,
      substantiated Proposal, with time restraints, within time extensions,
      …and City Council Consortium Board Members …Approve, every
      time, all the time, Consortium Board’s crapola of extortion, blackmail,
      ineptness, unprofessionalism, tactics, schemes, cons, and scams with Blanket, Automatic, Rubber Stamp.

  • Working Man

    Wow – you naysayers & critics (whom I normally agree with on other matters) apparently want Richmond city to stay stuck in the 1970’s & 80’s. I’m no Democrat, far from it — that’s irrelevant anyway — but the way I see it Mayor Jones’s plan is the most forward-looking thing this city has seen. At least in my lifetime of 49 years.

    Btw, you can throw a million dollars into the city schools and they will still churn out criminals. Money wasted. Let’s get some big $$ revenue pumping into the city. And turn Shockoe Bottom into something the whole region will envy.

    • Becky

      Consortium operatives pose any and all opposition as opposing
      Opposing down and dirty, back room, closed door, hidden
      Government Deals for Donors, while shutting up and shuting
      down Public’s voice, will, say, and votes when their Taxes
      are being used and abused.
      The Mayor Jones has a long history, SOP/MO of Corporate
      Donors influence, favoritism, and sole bidder Consortium’s
      “Deals” as documented in Wikipedia, dating back before he
      was ever elected.
      Now City Council Members, also serving on the Consortiums’
      Boards, give their automatic, blanket, rubber stamp Approval
      to anything any Special Interest Consortium wants.
      Donors for Dollars Government. But it is NOT Democratic
      GIFTGATE(s); cause they say it isn’t and they have Carte Blanche.

      • manalishi

        Amen, and that non “working man would never pony up a dime to buy the Ill fated municipal bonds. But seriously, what kind of fool would ever buy a Richmond municipal bond?

    • athynz

      I find myself opposed to the ball park for several reasons.

      1) There is an established location for a ball park and that area of the city is going through a revitalization. It makes sense to focus in that area especially with the Redskins training camp in that area as well.

      2) The traffic data used is years out of date and does not take into account developments such as the conversion of old buildings into residential areas. And for some odd reason the City Council rejected motions to update this data. https://wtvr.com/2014/02/25/goldman-councilman-samuels-shines-exposes-mayors-real-stadium-strategy/

      3) There are way too many shady backroom deals – “Judge Samuels” anyone? https://wtvr.com/2014/02/20/goldman-mayor-jones-confident-judge-samuels-will-switch-stadium-vote/

      4) This proposal was manipulated and massaged in such a way as to keep the decision out of the hands of the public. This one is a major red flag and quite frankly I’m surprised that there is not more of an outcry over this. https://wtvr.com/2014/01/09/goldman-baseball-stadium-changed-to-bypass-public/

      5) There was a feasible alternative which was going to save the taxpayers millions and was suddenly withdrawn without any real reason given. https://wtvr.com/2014/05/05/rebkee-letter-indicates-new-ballpark-plan-a-bust/

      I’d be less opposed to the plan if it was put before the public with updated data and no sort of shady backroom deals or doing away with alternate plans. This smacks of it being Jones’ way or the highway and last time I checked he worked for US.

  • Bobby R.

    I am not recognizing the meaningful ‘compromise’ benefit to the citizens of Richmond(esp the future students of RPS system). I am vehemently opposed to a ballpark in Shockoe Bottom. In my opinion it is an ill-conceived idea that only serves to line the pockets of a few people and ‘Hizzoner’ Jones upon completion of of his term of office. I cannot and will not support any incumbent Councilman(not intended to denote gender) that supports this flawed idea. Best regards.//bobbyr.//

  • todd

    great so more stupid RVA stickers on dems back windows.Who lives in this soon to be Detroit and actually wants people to know it?

  • Doyle Hargraves

    Cool, more bike lanes so the homeless people can have a lane to push their shopping carts.

  • Mo Fiscal Conservatism

    Yes!! One step closer to making downtown a city where professionals will spend time after work. One step closer to a successful city! Not just a city full of unsuccessful art students, underachievers protesting and demanding and the like. Eventually the trash will move out!

    • manalishi

      The trash will never leave as long as we feed the, house them, but their phone service, and tolerate their uninhibited breeding practices.

    • athynz

      What makes you think this won’t be another 6th St marketplace debacle? Come on Mo explain how this ball park will be a good thing.

      • Mo Fiscal conservatism

        I’m not saying it won’t be another 6th st marketplace. Risks are associated with every real business deal. The Stony Point mall is a great example of a great idea, that just didn’t work out. You losers on the internet who claim you knew better just don’t understand how the world works.
        But we know that people will go to watch baseball in this city. The problem with the Braves was that they didn’t realize that with a minor league team you HAVE to have entertainment too. One fireworks show a year won’t cut it.
        If people will drive to the ghetto to watch a game now, they will DEFINITELY go downtown once it’s renovated and classed up. Once we turn it from a giant reminder of the past, into a city of the future. Once the trash is pushed out.

    • athynz

      “…losers on the internet”? Really, that’s your idea of explaining how the ball park in the bottom makes sense? It’s when you use the insults and the snide remarks that makes your argument weak Kathyrn.

      Stony Point was not that great of an idea really – from the beginning there was too much competition from Short Pump Town Center and the stores they had initially were too high end to realistically support the rest of the mall. However I digress,

      Your point about there needing to be entertainment at the ball park is a good one – congrats on that. Which brings me to one reason why I believe the park should stay where it is at now – that area is undergoing a revitalization. There is the movie theaters, new restaurants, and it’s not far from the Redskins training camp which is an additional draw. That area is hardly the “ghetto” you describe it as. Take a drive through there sometime.

  • TINA


    • athynz

      You just told the man to kill himself because Obama won? Seriously do you liberal progressives ever listen to yourselves? This coming from a member of the party of peace, love, and tolerance. Please spare us. Besides what does Obama have to do with this anyhow? This is about the ball park in Shockoe Bottom – the ball park that Mayor Jones and the city council have managed to avoid a public referendum over. How is it better to have this ball park built rather than the money put into the schools?

      And yes George Bush did some screwed up things – like suspending the Davis-Bacon act during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina to ensure his VP’s former company Halliburton could swoop in and take jobs from the locals. Obama did some messed up stuff too such as authorizing an unarmed drone strike against American citizens overseas without any sort of due process.

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