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Boy shot when gunfire erupts in Whitcomb Court on Mother’s Day

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Richmond police officer examiners child's bicycle (SOURCE: Tyler Conta)

Richmond police officer examiners child’s bicycle (SOURCE: Tyler Conta)

RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) – A Richmond boy was caught in the crossfire when gunfire erupted in Richmond’s Whitcomb Court on Mother’s Day Sunday evening.

Police were called to the 2300 block of Ambrose Street in Whitcomb Court just before 6:50 p.m. after reports of random gunfire.

When officers arrived, they found a five-year-old shot.

The boy was transported to VCU Medical Center with non-life threatening injuries.

A CBS 6 News crew on the scene spotted officers collecting evidence and examining a child’s bicycle.

Mary, who contacted CBS 6, said that multiple shots were fired in broad daylight while people were out enjoying a cookout for Mother’s Day.


A Richmond police officer examines a bullet casing. (SOURCE: Tyler Conta)

Detectives said the shots were fired after a fight broke out.

“I call on all those in the community with any knowledge of the identity of these reprehensible suspects to come forward immediately with information,” Chief Ray J. Tarasovic said in a news release. “It is a disgraceful situation when a small boy suffers a grievous injury because detestable individuals use guns within our communities.”

If you have information that could help police, call Crime Stoppers at 804-780-1000.

Stay with and CBS 6 News for updates on this developing story.


  • S. JaNine Hyman, PhD

    Ok…when is it going to be ENOUGH? Black people….return to your values, return to your roots, return to your God…..this is WAY too much. What is our city going to do about it?

    • jigaja

      Can’t be said any clearer, enough is enough. This is old ..we demand violence to stop for good in our neighborhood. The real enemy sits back and laugh .This is nothing to glorify. .we need our babies.

  • Kenny Powers

    Hey as long as a Redskin football player didn’t get hurt, it is all good. If the city had as many cops in these high crime areas as they did the Redskins training camp. You might not read about stuff like this very often. Unfortunately, the mayor and his cronies don’t want box VIP seats in Whitcomb Court….

    • B Addy

      Do you really think it matters how many police are patrolling there? They have ALOT of officers patrolling. With the IQ of their shoe size they are not thinking twice about police patrols.
      Waaaayyyyy to many kids running around without a father , asnd many without a mother

  • Doyle Hargraves

    Maybe the mayor could loan some of his protection detail officers to help patrol the streets, and he could drive himself around like every other local government leader around here.

    • athynz

      I like that idea – unfortunately the mayor could not care less about the children as exemplified by his pushing of the Shockoe Bottom stadium and his security force over funding the schools.

  • Brenda D Hall

    I live in whitcomb court for 13 years it’s a shame that your children can’t play outside without shooting going on me myself rarely sit out side because of all the shooting and when I do its on the back .they need to bring back RRHA police

    • Carol

      The people there need to stop being cowards & open their mouth when they have these worthless thugs in the area causing problems & shooting kids. All those people around & NO ONE can identify a suspect COWARDS that’s why it’s like that there

  • PU.PC

    Chief must be a Party Member reporting through Party Pravda.
    Hides and profile protects political party favorites with lack of facts, always, while spouting off about party agenda on guns.
    Arrests 3 out of 30 for gun fire/public fight of party profiled protected.
    Party fires the Community Police Chief, Police Department, secretly,
    Party Mayor and City Council need Protections from their
    constituents, and Public Safety is not on the Mayor’s Legacy
    Priority List….obviously.
    Party has not advised McEachin, Holder, NAACP other Forces
    that there is a Transparent Disparity Factor in controlled Facts,
    Stats, Records, and Police Blotters/Logs. Party builds a too
    small jail from jump street deliberately for other party agendas.

  • Smarty Pants

    Its obvious that if you live in the hood or projects… you will see and hear about violence… I mean that is the reason the areas receive the name ” hood” and “projects”. This is not a surprise… and not news worthy…. if you do not like the violence and you live there…then better yourself…find a better job and move!

  • Latoya Dinkins

    My children was out there. I grew up around there and people wonder why I don’t associate with those parts of the neighborhood and keep my children away also granted it can happen any where but this is terrible it’s to the point where you can’t trust nobody police and all. Stop the violence I lost my brother to violence and lost another one to the system plz stop it

  • dale

    please don’t ask them to move from there.Just means my neighborhood will see the same thing.By all means please stay put,better yourself then maybe move but don’t bring your disrespectful youths with you.thanks

      • manalishi

        Well then let the wannabees shoot up your neighborhood Doug. dale doesn’t want a bunch of democrats in his neighborhood, neither do I.

  • Carol

    Why do some sadly try to make everything about politics, must not have anything better to do !! I enjoy the freedom of being able to carry my concealed weapon with a permit of course for SAFETY

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