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RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) -  Women today are ditching their cars for the thrill of riding on two-wheels.  Tawanna Wynn, of Petersburg, said riding motorcycles gives her a sense of control.

"Motorcycles have always been a man's world, and a female coming into a man's can feel a little bit empowered," she said.

Not only are more women riding, but they also have proven to be safer than men, according to a new Triple A study.

Female motorcycle fatalities are 1 in 7000 riders and for men they are 1 in every 5000, Triple A spokeswoman Martha Meade said.

The numbers are declining for both men and women, according to Richmond Ambulance Authority's Chief Operating Officer, Rob Lawrence.

Motorcycle fatalities here in the Commonwealth are down by 33 percent, the lowest in four years.

Lawrence attributed the decline to the Rider Alert program and the fact that riders are now being more aware of their own safety.

The program Rider Alert was launched in 2011, designed to save lives by helping first responders on scene of an accident.

Motorcycle rider, Dan Fellows, said he wouldn't ride his bike without it.

"If you're in pain and they have to administer morphine, or some other drug, you may be allergic to it and it may have an adverse reaction, so at least with the card they will know what you typically will not need, or what will harm you in your treatment," he said.






  • manalishi

    After 30 years of avid riding, I could agree with the stats. I’m a bit confused over the “empowerment” concept as most male riders that I know are aggressive about helping everyone with safety, knowledge and skills regardless of gender. Sportbike riders are also mainly male and the consequences are rough when one gets his “moneys worth” out a high horsepower machine. Same may apply with the handling characteristics of a 950 pound tour bike.

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