#TBT: When Richmond looked forward to James River development

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Richmond and the James River (circa May 1995)

Richmond and the James River (circa May 1995)

RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) – Head down to the James River this weekend and you will find plenty of places to eat, drink and socialize. In addition to restaurants like Casa Del Barco and F.W. Sullivan’s and clubs like Off The Hookah, there is also a 1.25 mile canal walk perfect for running or walking.

But it was not always like that.

Richmond and the James River (circa May 1995)

Richmond and the James River (circa May 1995)

Twenty years ago, Richmonders were getting exciting about potential development opportunities along the James River.

“By the turn of the century [the year 2000] you will see new life bustling in downtown Richmond,” a story produced by WTVR CBS 6 News opened in May 1995.

“I think downtown needs it,” one woman remarked. “We no longer have Miller & Rhoads and Thalhimer’s.”

Richmond and the James River (circa May 1995)

Richmond and the James River (circa May 1995)

Do you remember downtown Richmond BEFORE development along the James River? Do you think the city has done a good job creating a place to eat, shop and visit near the James? What would YOU do if you called the shots?

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  • Billy Cathey

    I came to Richmond in December, 1965. There was a drive on to destroy Parker Field and put baseball in the Bottom. They are still at it. They wanted to hide the past of slavery and change Broad Street to be visited from a car as it passed thru. Parking can get your car towed. They are not as friendly as they were fifty years ago.

  • Mo Fiscal conservatism

    I think it’s a good start, but a stadium in the Bottom will be a nice addition. I like how they threw out the idea of a new one on BLVD to keep the ignorant opposition happy while progress happens. Good job Mayor!!

  • Wade Dering

    MLB in VA. will bring in the the money. The state and especially Richmond loves Base ball. Lets take a chanes you have smaller areas with 19,000 seat areans. You have to spend money to make money. Buy a team and move it to RVA.. you wont be disappointed. Richmond is in the haert of every thing in va. What are you whating for AA ball. come one sad realy sad. I beleave the area is going to boom again.. Take the chanse on somthing that will really bring in the out siders. AA ball does not make citys money. NO one in the rest of the state cares. MLB peaple will care.. The air port might need to be beger but Dullis is less than to hrs away. pluse they could play the DCBL by buss beacuse they are so closs.. LEST GET REAL. DO YOU WANT REALL MONEY OR SMALL STADEAMS THAT DO NOT MAKE ANY MONEY.NO TOREST RICHMOND IS A MAGER BASE BALL TOWN. NOT VERY MEANY TOWNS ARE. i think that this needs to be looked at. Look at how many out siders visted a redskins training camp. More than the DC area did come on wake up rva. you could be so much more realy sad to see that you are pining your hopes on miner leage sports.

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