VIDEO: Internet raises $44,000 to get homeless man a home

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Remember the homeless man who thought he won the lottery?

It was really a setup by a Newport News-based man who wanted to give the homeless man, named Eric, money.

A video of the ‘prank’ was a huge hit online.

After the first video was released, it gained national exposure. People kept writing into the guy who organized and filmed it. People wanted to know how they could also help.  In 18 days, 2,666 people contributed to raise over $42,000 dollars for Eric — the total raised was $44,000.

Watch as the formerly homeless man Eric gets another huge surprise by the same person!

*WATCH the video above to see the house surprise and his priceless reaction* (It starts around 3:40 in)

CLICK HERE to watch the original story. 

If you want to give the guy who orchestrated this a shout-out, his Twitter account is @MagicofRahat.

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