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WATCH: Girl plays worst ever round of ‘Family Feud’

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ATLANTA – This is extremely hard to watch. After Tim led his family to an impressive 182 points in the final “Fast Money” round in “Family Feud,” it looked like the group would coast easily to the grand prize, with only 18 more points needed.

But, when the daughter took her turn, the family’s hopes for victory were dashed.

All she could say after dismally answering her questions was, “That was bad.”

Watch the cringe-worthy clip above.


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  • Misty Soyars Dooley

    Poor thing….its not that her answers were not good, she duplicated most of what he had said the first time and then had to think of another answer for most of them…that’s a LOT of pressure.

    • Amy Collins

      Yeah there were duplicate answers but she could have come up with something better. A restaurant?! There were two other possible answers with high points. And she said NOTHING for a noisy insect. Derrr….

  • bluetig

    I agree. She’s definitely not dumb. The new version of the family fued screws everyone over… ask questions where 95 people out of the 100 would say the same thing. Ridiculous. Have you watched the actual rounds… some of the number one answers have 85 people saying them.

  • Victor Gentleandaman Holland

    Here’s the thing: if you are going to go on that show, you have to expect anything and everything. The fact that her dad gotten 182 points, that should have clicked in her head that he have at least three to four number one answers. She should have been prepared to have a back up answer for all five of those questions. I do not think she is dumb. If she were, would you think her family would put her on the show? I mean…besides the fact that she is in the intermediate family, but if I were them (hypothetically speaking) and thought she was dumb as hell, I would not put her on the show with me lol. Please stop calling her dumb people. But on a flip note, she should at least said something on the noisy insect question lol. Sorry for the long message.

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