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Murdered jewelry clerk’s wife had baby day after fatal robbery

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RICHMOND, Va.  (WTVR) -Family members told CBS 6 the day after Victoria Jewelers clerk Muhammad "Sunny" Baig was killed his wife gave birth to a baby girl named Shifa, which means “healer.”

Richmond police were able to catch three suspects the night after the crime, in North Carolina, in connection with the Broad Street jewelry store employee's murder.

Detectives said that about 28 hours after the crime, 49-year-old Jesse G. Edmond, of the 1400 block of Enfield Avenue, 26-year-old Anthony J. Lenard, of the 00 block of East Clay Street and 28-year-old Jermeaka M. Gorham, of the 4000 block of McKay Avenue, were apprehended during a traffic stop by Roanoke Rapids police.

The trio were charged with conspiracy to commit murder for the shooting death of Baig's murder.

Jesse G. Edmond, Jermeaka M. Gorham and Anthony J. Lenard. (SOURCE: Richmond police)

Jesse G. Edmond, Jermeaka M. Gorham and Anthony J. Lenard. (SOURCE: Richmond police)

Police said during a Wednesday afternoon news conference that an incident in Henrico County earlier that same day of the shooting helped police come up with a description of the suspects' vehicle.

Sources tell CBS 6 that incident happened at the C & F Bank in Henrico.

Henrico Police confirmed there was a suspicious incident there, but no crime was ever committed.

As a result, officers in Roanoke Rapids pulled over the suspects around 7 p.m. Tuesday. Police said officers discovered evidence inside the vehicle linked to the jewelry store robbery.

Additionally, police said more people could be connected to the crime and that investigators are working with the commonwealth’s attorney to see if other charges will be brought in this case.

Investigators are also working with neighboring counties to compare information about similar incidents.

Police have also been working to reassure downtown business owners in the wake of Monday's robbery. Officials said officers sent time with Broad Street Corridor business owners Monday evening and went out again Tuesday to offer safety tips.

Baig, 29, was shot and killed Monday afternoon inside the East Broad Street jewelry store.

“He had no problem with anybody,” Baig's father said about his son. “I don’t know what I can say, I don’t have words about my son.”

“I feel so sad for that little girl, whose not going to get a chance to even know who her father was,” Denise Barnhart, a customer of Victoria Jewelers said.

Baig was being buried Wednesday afternoon, just as news of the arrests broke.

Investigators still aren’t staying what exactly happened inside the jewelry store, but, the owner told CBS 6 the robbers stole every single diamond and precious gem in the store.

We looked into the criminal history of the suspects in the case and found the two men who were arrested have previous felony convictions, including larceny and robbery.

The bulk of their sentences were suspended, according to court records.


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    Why so much hateful comments? Let them have their day in court, and i’m sure they will suffer the consequences of their crimes.

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      Are you serious…why so much hatred… this man is dead… cause these pieces of. 💩rather kill another human being instead of trying to make a honest dollar like he was….robbing is one thing but when you hurt or kill someone is a whole different level…if they killed a close friend or relative of yours you will be sing a different tune….get out of here with that…👎❕

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        the robbery would sort itself out . . . the killing? needless & senseless . . . and he has a newborn . . . my sympathy for these dirtbags can be found between ‘shet’ and ‘syphilis’ in the dictionary

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