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Prince George family mourns sisters killed in wreck

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PRINCE GEORGE COUNTY, Va. (WTVR) -- Witnesses said they saw the driver of an SUV run a red light and slam into a car on Oaklawn Boulevard in Hopewell Tuesday.

Now 96-year-old Ellen Jones is preparing to bury two of her daughters who were killed in the wreck.

Jones' large family are doing their best to comfort her as they come to grips with the gravity of the loss.

"We can't fathom what she's going through right now," Nichole Seawood, Jones' granddaughter, told CBS 6 senior reporter Wayne Covil.

Carol Jones, 69, and 71-year-old Shirley Tarvor, 71, died Tuesday after witnesses told police a SUV ran a stoplight and hit the small car.

Tarvor had just recently moved back to Virginia to help care for her aging mother.

"She hadn't been here long. Now she gone, she's gone," Ellen Jones said, as two of her granddaughters held her hands as she began to cry.

Kim Jones, who lost two of her aunts, said the family is clinging to their faith during this trying time.

"Just prayers... I mean my grandma is strong. She's taught us how to be strong and she's taught us when things get tough, we pray," Jones said.

Family members said one funeral will be held for both sisters Saturday. The viewing will be at noon at Morning Star Baptist Church off Route 10 followed by the funeral at 1 p.m.

Hopewell police said charges are pending in this case.


  • Becky

    So very sorry. Such is a tragedy. Pray for your inner peace and
    fortitude. Reminds us we are all so vulnerable all the time.

  • Betty Sines

    I live right where the accident happened and heard it and watched… The one family member had been waiting for the two aunts to pick her up from the store. When they never got there and didn’t answer the cell phones, she finally started the long walk home…and… so so sad…she walked up one the accident. She heard the two ladies had both passed and she recognized the plates… She was so overcome with grief. I felt so bad for her… What a horrible thing to happen and what an awful way to find out.

  • Caitlin Wolford Mullen

    I live right down the road from there. I had just driven through that light about an hour before with my 2 year old daughter in the car with me. I hate to think if i were just a little late.

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