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Woman films her own abortion to help ‘educate’ others

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CHERRY HILL, N.J. — A woman’s clinic counselor in New Jersey decided to film her own abortion as a way of showing support to other women who undergo the procedure.

Emily Letts, 25, decided she was not ready to take care of a child and wanted the abortion. Letts works as a patient advocate at the Cherry Hill Women’s Shelter, reported PIX 11.

Video of the abortion has been posted online. The video is not graphic.  Letts appears calm during the entire event, which lasts about five minutes.

In a column for Cosmopolitan, Letts said she did receive hateful comments after posting the video on Facebook.

“I got ‘You’re a Nazi.’ ‘You deserve to die.’ You killed your baby,” Letts told the magazine. “Just so much blind hatred without knowing who I am or what I’m about.”

Despite some negative comments, Letts said she loves the video and has received a lot of support.


  • manalishi

    That’s right princess, just smile for that camera. This is what democrats think of babies. Tell us please, was this a little girl, or boy. What was his/her name? What was his/her first day of school like?

    I have always supported the “right” to choose, but i do not have to respect this skank nasty tramps choice. Nor do i have to respect her for what she really is. But hey, she is really in control of her venus fly trap and will vote with it accordingly. These are democrats exercising their core values.

    After all, Its for Cosmopolitan where all the priorities really are. Someone please slap this child’s mama!

      • athynz

        And yet you do not judge others? Really Chuck?

        ” Chuck Schade
        May 7, 2014 at 1:56 pm
        Maybe you should have been aborted. Your mother obviously didn’t teach you the value of not being a hateful, judgmental little pr!ck.”

        ” Chuck Schade
        May 7, 2014 at 1:58 pm
        You’re an idiot. Abortion is not a form of birth control, no matter what Fox “News” tells you.”

        ” Chuck Schade
        May 7, 2014 at 1:52 pm
        You don’t support the right to choose. You just want to sit in judgment of others.”

        But yeah you are not one of those who simply wants to sit in judgement of others… *cough* hypocrite *cough*

  • Jan

    Sick of some of these irresponsible women using abortion as a form of birth control, if you don’t want children , I suggest you at least try and protect your self.

  • Clayton Bigsby

    Animals have more rights to live than humans. Democrats are fine with abortion but try to eat a chicken for dinner and PETA gets involved. WTVR you lost a viewer today.

  • heartbroken for the aborted

    This girl should be ashamed of herself. “Such blind hatred” she says, “without even knowing who I am or what I’m about”? Really? Did you know the child in your womb? Did you care about the life you destroyed? What was your baby about? A burden to you because of a choice you made? So you destroy it while proudly showing the procedure on video for all to see? There are other choices available to women who choose not to care for their baby. Healthy choices. This will follow you for the rest of your life no matter how hard you try not to think about it. I pray for you and truth to become obvious to those in your position but before they go through with it. It’s murder, plain and simple! There is no sugar coating the issue!

  • Kayla

    What a sick person! She is so happy she is killing her baby! She shows no remorse what so ever. Maybe she should have thought about her consequences before she laid down and spread her legs. Now that baby will never have a chance at live. And she’s so laid back about it. “You guys are my heroes” “Cool” I hope you never reproduce. Theres millions of women out there who would give anything to have babies, why not have it and give it up for adoption? Give someone the precious gift that they can’t have themselves. This infuriates me and I am also ashamed WTVR is allowing this on their page! It is not okay to have unprotected sex and just kill an innocent baby because you were stupid!!!

  • Kim

    No matter what anyone says, abortion IS murder! From the moment of conception, that little bundle of cells becomes a living breathing baby. I am so sick and tired of those who do this or support such a barbaric practice and babies have no voice in the matter so it’s up to those who DO have a voice to stand up for them. What a sick world we live in now. I also cannot believe that WTVR would show this article knowing full well what abortion entails.

  • FIght Against Ignorance

    You people are pathetic. Your hatred has blinded you to reality. Clearly, you have not understanding and make assumptions that lead you to ridiculous arguments. You have no idea what would lead someone to have an abortion or what it even means. Instead, you argue “her parents should have aborted her” and other equally ignorant statements. Knowledge is power. If you choose to ignore knowledge, then you can continue to wallow in your own ignorance.

    • Clayton Bigsby

      I wish your mother aborted you. Based on the values she taught you she was obviously unfit to raise a child.

    • athynz

      “Emily Letts, 25, decided she was not ready to take care of a child and wanted the abortion. ”

      That right there says it all. There were other things she could have done like carrying the child to full term and putting it up for adoption. And really what parent is actually “ready” for a child? My wife and I had ours when were were 20, ill prepared for life and yet here we are with a young lady who is going into college.

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