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Whole Foods to open downtown location near VCU

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RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) – Whole Foods Market announced today that they have signed a lease for a new downtown store.

The approximately 40,000-square-foot store will be located on Broad Street, not far from the Virginia Commonwealth University campus.  The store will be near Emilio’s Tapas restaurant, which is in the 1800 block of W. Broad Street.

“The new Whole Foods Market store will be part of The Sauer Center, an urban mixed-use development consisting of new and historic buildings on West Broad Street and Hermitage Road,” stated Bradford B. Sauer, Vice President of Sauer Properties, Inc., the developer of the project.

The store will be an anchor tenant for The Sauer Center, which plans to bring additional upscale retailers.

Richmond Mayor Dwight C. Jones tipped his hat to the Sauer Family’s stewardship of the city, which has spanned generation.

“We hope that this store will quickly turn West Broad Street into a thriving retail corridor with lots of excitement and new energy,” Mayor Jones said. “Neighborhoods come to life when Whole Foods Market arrives, bringing hundreds of new jobs and millions in new investment.”

The Short Pump location opened five years ago.

The Whole Foods official press release carefully emphasized the company’s commitment to community, relationships and historic preservation.

“Richmond, particularly the Broad Street area, has such a vibrant, unique energy – from historic neighborhoods to stimulating museums, from dynamic residents to creative students – and this new site will allow Whole Foods Market to grow within the city while continuing to strengthen our established relationships,” said Scott Allshouse, Whole Foods Market Mid-Atlantic regional president. “

“Once completed, The Sauer Center will be a transformational development for this area of the city and will bring additional upscale retailers while preserving the area’s historic character and fabric,” stated Sauer.

No target opening date has been set.

Whole Foods has consistently ranked within the top 100 stores to work for, according to CNN. They placed 71st out of 100 last year.


  • buzz

    Notice upscale? They, whole foods, lost a big chunk of change last quarter due to the fact that people are tapped out , losing jobs and the fact that 73,000 jobs where actualy LOST last month not the 288,000 gained like the commy Obama adm said!

  • Angela

    It’s amazing that irregardless of the subject matter…..somehow Obama is twisted and twined into it. Is it me or is it time to STOP this ridiculous mess.

  • David

    This far west of Downtown Richmond. I wish media outlets would not equate “city” with “downtown”.

  • Liz

    It’s not far west. It’s near VCU. I am so excited about this!! I love Whole Foods! And Angela, I agree with you and I am not a fan of Obama. Just tired of every discussion turning political.

    • Barbara Granderson

      Not that you are a fan of President Obama, everyone who has a christian relationship need to pray for all government officials. Have a nice day.

  • Glen Allen

    And notice – This proposed up-scale development retail center is literly around the corner from the existing baseball stadium. Baseball on the Boulevard continues to look better and better

  • Ard Vaark

    What the hell do Jesus and “rasisim” have to do with where a firm places a food store?

  • mmmm

    No matter what comments you write on your local news site, Barack Obama is still President of the United States of America. None of you can stand it and I LOVE it. So he is laughing at you all and so am I. LMBO ROFL hahahahahaha. He is President and its NOTHING any of you can do about it. You all are miserable because a Black man is the President of the country where you are citizen. Your President and mine! : ) I guess we had a perfect country with the last 43 white presidents because I never seen a president associated with everything that is going wrong with the USA and in people’s personal lives when those other 43 were president.

    • buzz

      Ah yes. The free loading I dont want to work , I am to lazy to work . I am a welfare queen. I am a welfare mooch. I am a low info voter who voted for Obama just because he is black. Oh man are you a sorry excuse for a human being. The amount of uneducated stupid low info people on here is just amazing. A slug could think there way out of a wet paper bag faster than you could. you have no idea how much the epa and his adm is destroying the country and adding thousands in cost to the average food bill and the average family of four every year do you? The uneducated voter. How stupid they are

    • Laura

      No how stupid you are not to realize me sarcasm. .. And I’m not on welfare, but nice try. You just mad because the President is black. … It didn’t even matter how well he does or how bad, you’re just mad he’s black! ! Haha!

  • Jake

    I think we all can agree that the delicious baked goods, produce and deli items that will accompany this new project pale in comparison to everyone’s interest in my obsessively paranoid political precepts.

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