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Richmond’s Hispanic graduation rate ‘alarming’

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RICHMOND, VA (WTVR) -- The Hispanic population has exploded in Metro Richmond in recent years.

Now at least 50,000 thousand Hispanics live and work in Richmond, Chesterfield, and Henrico. While new shops and stores for Hispanics may be thriving, at least in Richmond, education is a struggle.

"Nobody helps -- that is what I faced -- everything was on my own," Jorge Pichiya, an undocumented citizen who recently got his GED, told CBS 6.

According to data obtained by CBS 6 and reported by VA Department of Educationonly 49.2% of Hispanics graduate on time in the City of Richmond. The rate for blacks is 76.7% and 84.8% for whites.

Those numbers for Hispanics are significantly lower than rates in Chesterfield and Henrico where it is 84.6% and 78.4% respectively.

"We are very much behind the ball in Richmond -- it is alarming," Richmond Public School Board member Kim Grey said.

"Our homeless students graduate more easily than our Hispanic students," Grey said.

Grey promised to address the problem in a new audit to be conducted by the City.

"We are going to be working with the superintendent and the administration," Grey said.

Several organizations have been created in the metropolitan area aimed at improving Latino success in schools.

Eric Bolanos, a recent Virginia high school grad, told CBS 6 the problem goes beyond the schools, to the family.

"I feel like most Hispanic families don't inject that mentality of continuing education," Bolanos said.

Radio Poder 1380 is also hosting a series of talk shows aimed at educating young Latinos at 11:30 a.m.  on Fridays.

More information can be found on their Facebook page. 




  • manalishi

    “Nobody helps — that is what I faced — everything was on my own,” Jorge Pichiya, an undocumented citizen ” You don’t qualify for AA privilege.

    Welcome to America.

  • PU.PC

    Ah, lovely. Free entry, free education, free falling, free failing.
    A goal of Illegal Invaders is met.
    Maybe they need MORE Free.
    Let them form a Tax Exempt/Non Profit Consortium.
    Enables tax advantages, targeted taxes, and public donations too. Needed to bolster local, state, and federal party governments to
    “Help Them”, Help their Government failures, to provide them more Free, so no one will see.
    It’s the new era Government Way; More rip offs all the way around,
    and hidden and protected too.
    –Government Legal Experts, Law Makers/Legislators
    know it is against Tax Laws
    to aid, abet, harbor, and support what is known to be Illegal.
    The Most Intelligent’s Government does it anyway, regardless.

  • mmmm

    a psrt of what’s wrong with our economy. they should not be allowed here….tax free, easily open businesses and get loans, getting jobs before citizens because they are less of a financial burden on employers.

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