Mom says Marty Cobb’s alleged killer previously attacked 3-year-old son

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RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) --The mother of a seven-year-old Richmond boy says the teen charged with murdering 8-year-old Marty Cobb brutally attacked her son with a hammer in 2010.

“He’s sick,” said Richmond mother of two children, Heather Arrington.

Arrington told CBS 6 that the teen lived nearby and lured her son, then three-years-old into another home and viciously beat him.

She said her son, Malachi Sottile, age seven, physically recovered from the attack, but said he’s had frequent nightmares ever since then.

“What do you do when you have them?” CBS 6 reporter Melissa Hipolit asked Sottile, who spoke exclusively with CBS 6.

“Go to my mommy,” Sottile said.

“What do you say?”

“I`m scared,” Sottile said.

Arrington showed CBS 6 a court document from December of 2010 that revealed the teen was charged with malicious wounding. The name on that court document matches the name given to CBS 6 by two police sources.

“I was shocked and overwhelmed and couldn't believe he was out,” Arrington said, as she recalled hearing about the death of Marty Cobb.


  • Glen Allen

    If this is true, the word is not “sick”, it is “evil”, and while you cannot “fix” evil, you can permanently remove it from society once identified.

  • BO

    I’m are actually feeling racism a lot lately and really think turning the other cheek is for wanna hate me I’ll gladly hate you back.

  • tired of excuses

    Not evil? Only sick? Yeah right! I’m sorry the “mother couldn’t afford meds” excuse is simply that an excuse! If she knew he had those issues knew he had a violent past & beat a 3 year old with a hammer then she had to know he wasn’t magically better & should stay on his meds! If she couldn’t afford them there are plenty of agency’s that will help with the cost of meds, the Dr ‘s can point you where to go to get them. Churches would help social sservices had a mental health division that offers free treatment services. The family including you should have helped since you knew of his issues & his mother couldn’t afford his meds. But no one did, no one bothered to care enough to get this kid meds he needed yet now you speak up to defend him & what he did because we don’t understand? Sorry we do understand you didn’t care enough then but feel guilty because you did nothing that could have prevented this from happening! Guilt is a terrible thing & yes his entire family should feel guilt because an innocent child died because of the negligence of the assailants family! End of story

  • me

    The National Excuse for Any and All Occasions Society:
    Pick an Excuse Card. Innocent by race excuse, disparity in jails excuse, poor excuse, not taking meds for known mental condition excuse, catch/release/repeat/recycle isn’t fair excuse, early release isn’t fair excuse, negligence excuse, no one to supervise excuse because everyone is working excuse, no help from Tax Payer/Government
    Programs excuse.

  • Magenta

    CBS 6: where the worst commenting system ever is implemented and folks troll each other hard with racism and politics. And I thought the last system they used was bad.

    Anyways, seeing this story really solidified my stance on the whole issue. Anyone could say a lot of things have failed with concerns to the system and priorities of mental health/wellness, or even blame it on parenting (or for the lack of originality here with some folks, ethnicity), but hitting small children upside the head with A HAMMER and recently A BRICK? Targeting people that are younger and apparently weaker than he is? That’s the lowest of the low… even for someone that is also a child himself. I honestly have a hard time believing a blatant disregard of human life is anything else but evil.

  • not ur businesses

    I as the family member of the alleged killer and attacker I don’t feel guilty but I’m not going let people bash my lil cousin who is mentally unstable and it medicals records to prove that I agree he should be a Hospital where you can get a medical care that he needs

    • Chet

      Really your going to post something about bashing your cousin when a child has died from his hands you have the nere where were you when you realized he needed help dont talk about it now its too late your whole family should be ashamed

      • bmujahid

        the seriousness of the first incident was a clear indication that medical intervention was needed. It’s not just a matter of medication, but therapy and supervision to make sure progress is being made. It sounds like neither one occurred and a lot of people, i.e. case managers, will be held accountable (I sincerely hope they are). Too many cases like this are out there where case managers aren’t managing their case loads and increasing the risk of violence relapses in the community. This is not going to change until more attention is paid to this issue, to include adequate funding and staffing. Otherwise, we are talking about reinstitutionalizing a whole lot of people to ensure public safety, and the jails are fast becoming the new “treatment”.model.

    • bmujahid

      the problem is far too often family members are in denial about mental illness, don’t want to recognize it, and far too often don’t believe in treatment. True, the attacker should have been in the hospital receiving treatment but it’s a bit too late now to talk about that with one child dead, and two others viciously attacked. The time now for treatment may be past considering the seriously of the crimes. There are place where people are confined who have mental illness that a danger to themselves and others. The sad reality is now that due to these tragic events, this teen aged boy might find himself committed for the rest of his adult life,

  • Ann Kupesky

    People need to forget skin color and not try to live in the past. It is all hear say to us.We need to take care of each other and quit talking about each other. Be kind to all.It would be a better world.No one is perfect.Yes there is help and free medications for mental ill people,you have to seek help and sit back watching someone with problems.

  • mmmm

    well if his mom couldnt afford the meds and didnt seek help or couldnt get help to get the meds, she should have gave him up or put him in a home instead of letting him go along as a ticking time bomb!!! Forget that this is your family member, what if the dead child was your son!!!

    • Belsma

      There is plenty of help through social services. He could have gotten the meds and counseling he needed.

    • Ameena

      Couldn’t afford meds what about Medicaid or other places in Richmond would have helped with the meds payment. Can’t keep pulling that card just be honest and say you did not care enough then and now that this has happened you say couldn’t pay for meds. Come up with a better one then that. Maybe he did have problems I believe that so why did his parents not do more well maybe they did not notice cause he hid his rage/anger from them. Who knows but now it is to late a young man is gone due to his hands another he attacked years ago and he tried sexually attacking a young woman. Point being he needs to be off the street for the safety of any one near him that includes his own family. Pointing fingers and blaming others is a little to late now people who have issues can hide it when they want to and maybe his family thought he was better. Use the energy of blaming others on something more important. Stop trying to hurt others by your words the family of the attacker could be good people and now they are suffering the little boys family is suffering and even the little boy he attacked four years ago are going through emotions because of this.

  • just me

    thats really sad that the family member who says shes his cousin is taking up for him but if he killed her son how would she feel.if they knew the boy has problems why not keep him in the house or watch him so he wont harm other people. a child has died and that child was my godsisters little cousin so if all u can say is he needs to b in the hospital then u need to b in there with u because something is wrong with u too family or not this is the second child he have harm he needs to b in jail for life because hes crazy and sick in the head.

    • Tejonna Harris

      And regardless of fact what’s done is done I didn’t do it it sad what happened but I’m not to blame

  • Tee

    White Black Purple or green race has nothing to do with it! An innocent child was murdered and the other was assaulted. There is a lot of help for people that don’t have money for medication and other serivices but you have go get the help. He should be held accountable for his actions and so should his mother she knew that her son had issues and didn’t get him the help that he needed. We as parents are responsible for our kids!

    • Tejonna Harris

      I agree sad thing is he doesn’t even remind what happened now that he getting his meds this happened while he was off his meds he is still a child himself n he doesn’t understand fully of what he does do his conditions but my his mother will have to answer questions or face her own charges do this crime I’m here to defined and protect my family good name

      • bmujahid

        Tejonna, it’s been reported that the attacker is the one who came up with the whole concocted story and threatened the girl not to tell the truth. So he was conscious enough to know what he did and to lie about it. There is no excuse to be made about his state of mind if he had the mental capacity to lie about it and threaten someone not to tell the truth. HIs past and his taking medications doesn’t mean a lot given the way he manipulated this. I feel very sorry for all parties involved, but he appears to be a cold, calculating liar who killed one child, and viciously attacked two others.

  • Mrs. Gift of Gab

    To all accused family members:

    Your comments are making this dialogue worst. First off proofread before pushing send. Hard to understand what your saying. Secondly; this situation needs to be treated as such the case of Deeds son! Our mental health system is screwed in Commonwealth; however; Parents play the bigger roll! I don’t know what happen to lil man in his 16yrs on earth; but something has and the MH system and his parents failed him. He needs help not jail. He needs to be taken out of society but not jail.. He goes to jail and come home and reek havoc because jail can’t fix his issues. Just sad prayers to dead boys fam and 16yr old…

  • Gerry

    First of all, if this young man had documented mental health issues for which he was prescribed medication and his parent/legal guardian was not ensuring that he received these medications, that is medical neglect. Second, there are a myriad of mh services available in this community and most are Medicaid eligible. There is certainly a paper trail that will tell the story leading up to this point (ie education, juvenile justice and behavioral health records) and these records will indicate his level of functioning, I.Q., diagnosis, educational classification and other behavioral, educational and cognitive issues(special education, 504, ED, etc). Also, if he were adjudicated guilty of the malicious wounding charge (a felony) this young man has indeed expressed violent and anti-social behaviors in the past. The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior, that is elementary psychology. The crimes of which he is accused may be transferred to circuit court where he will be tried as an adult. At that point, more information on this case will be available because circuit court is a court of record.It is important to recognize and appreciate that despite the heinous nature of the alleged offenses, this young man enjoys the presumption of innocence and has the right to due process. It is sad that the family did not recognize or choose to acknowledge the behaviors leading up to this point, perhaps this tragedy could have been averted.

  • GwenJefferson

    He should have been evaluated when he first hurt a child…Further steps should have been taken and not swept under the rug…As he gotten older of course his problem will worsen..It always take a tragedy before the big dogs step in..At least he will be taken off the streets…so SAD..SO SAD.

  • Belsma

    New info about Martins family came out today. He did not deserve what happened to him in any way at all, but apparently the family has had a questionable past with the law and DSS. More twists. I just get more confused by people every day.

  • Steve

    Viciously attacked a 3 year old and killed an 8 year old. Forgot helping this sorry excuse for a sick human being. He should be treated like a dog that has bitten too many people. Put him down. If he is tried as an adult, he should also be eligible for (and deserves) the death penalty. No excuses about meds and so forth. He is a Damian-type sicko society should rid itself of. No good will ever come from this evil person.

  • Louie F

    The only help the kid needs is to find he is’nt king of the jungle.everything can be beaten and eaten.evil I he got issues never addressed is more like it.



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