Young cheetah ‘Hanna’ found dead at Metro Richmond Zoo

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CHESTERFIELD Va. (WTVR) –The sad news of a sudden death came from Jim Andelin with the Metro Richmond Zoo.

Hanna, one of five cheetah cubs born in October 2013, passed away unexpectedly on Sunday, May 4, 2014.

Zoo keeper Jim Andelin said that Hanna was playing and acting normal on Saturday.

Sunday morning she was found dead by zoo staff in her overnight shelter.

A vet performed a necropsy (animal autopsy) on her Sunday afternoon.

Hanna had gained weight and was in very good body condition, according to the zoo.

Tissue and other samples have been sent to a lab, and we are waiting for the results.

There was no evidence of trauma or rough play from litter mates, according to the zoo. Additionally, they said it does not appear to be anything contagious that would affect the other cubs.

Hanna had sustained a foot injury last month, but they said her death was not related to that.

Lana and the other cubs were upset on Sunday, the zoo said, but were doing much better today.

“The zoo staff is devastated by this loss,” Andelin said in an email to the press. “Hanna will be greatly missed. She touched the lives of thousands of people around the world.”



  • Cindy

    Maybe she was bitten by something or ate something that wasn’t acceptable to her system…..I hope the necropsy finds the cause. She was beautiful! So sad!

  • Belsma

    Good grief LATOSHA! Don’t go away mad, just go away! You are not “given” a job, no matter what color you are. You earn it with skills and getting off your butt and proving yourself. I don’t care if you are black, brown, white, yellow or red..etc. Stop complaining and clean up your English and get out there! Geesh!
    There, responded with a post that is “imaginary”, just like you are, although your posts can be very entertaining. Whoever you are pretending to be is not doing much for society as a whole. If you are “real”, do us all a favor and take an English class…apparently Rosetta Stone works.

  • Nunya

    Really? Doesn’t she have anything better to do? Let me guess… this was a racist act as well, right? Let’s try a little restraint. Not every news story requires you to chime in with your ignorant comments. I do however appreciate that they are monitoring and deleting most of them. Saves me the brain cells I waste reading the ignorance you spew.

  • Hang 10

    Animals belong in their habitat, not in zoos. I saw these magnificent animals in the wild, better than behind bars.
    Zoos are nothng more than jails for animals.

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