Corrections officer hurt after train slams into car outside prison

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Accident involving car and Amtrak train (PHOTO: The Independent Messenger Newspaper)

Accident involving car and Amtrak train (PHOTO: The Independent Messenger Newspaper)

Accident involving car and Amtrak train (PHOTO: The Independent Messenger Newspaper)

JARRATT, Va. (WTVR) — One person has been rushed to the hospital after a train slammed into a car Monday afternoon outside the Greensville Correctional Center in Jarratt.

CBS 6 News senior reporter Wayne Covil said that an Amtrak train struck a car with a corrections officer inside just before 2 p.m.

The victim was Med-Flighted to VCU Medical Center with unknown injuries.


  • buzz

    This is the auto train that probably left lorton va a couple of hours ago and is now delayed thanks to some dumb ass that probably ran the lights or gate at the crossing and recieved exactly what he deserved for being so stupid for trying to beat a train that has no way of stopping in time for stupidity. These people never think what the engineer or conductor go through when they see something like this . I hope the police throw the book at this clown

    • Omissa

      Firstly, this is a former coworker and friend of mine that I’m praying comes out of this accident with his life and of sound mind. Secondly, in response to Buzz, and the other idiots that have posted something negative about a “accident” almost fatal at that!! But I guess yall are God, perfect huh?
      ow inconsiderate of you to be more concerned with the delayed train oppose to someone almost losing their life. Regardless of why or how it happened how dare you say ” he got what he deserved”….. Have some respect for his family and human life in general. I wonder how you would feel if it had been your mother,father,sister,brother,son,daughter or a friend.

  • kimberly drew

    I really hope this person is ok… On Dec.12.2013 my son was also in an accident in Waverly with The Amtrak train… I see this train pass by my housr every day & everday i see my sonn car broke into two pieces… Im praying for this person and asking God to wrap his arms around them as he did with my son whom now is doing well..

  • Shaivon

    Kimberly thank you for your positive comment and also your prays. As a fellow Correctional Officer I am praying as well. Now is the time for prayers not finger pointing as I’ve seen on some comment sections on some of the news websites. Please everyone continue to prayer.. Prayer can change situations.

  • fran

    Praying for anyone who have been hurt or affected by this accident. May God heal and restore them back in such a way that we can truly say: “only God.” The railroad signs and arms are just like our street signs and lights. We are to obey them. The train cannot stop immediately no matter what speed its going. Patience is very important. We all need to practice it. Praying for the family of the officer. May God give them the strength, and will to deal with this incident. In Jesus name. Amen.

  • Torice

    I think anyone, even if my own family were hit by a train.. your stupid… it means you were somewhere you were NOT supposed to be, not like the train swerved off the rails. As many warning devices there are to alert of an oncoming train. Come on now.
    Wonder what his excuse is, “I didn’t see it coming”
    If your struck by a train… your in the wrong

  • Nicole

    According to some of the comments, you’re a bunch of ignorant imbeciles! You don’t realize you reap what you sow…. Just imagine that!!! My prayers are out to the family and to this great man… We are former employees and I’m praying for a vast recovery. No one is perfect and we’ve all done things that make you say hmm… Buzz you appear to be the stupid one.

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