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Mom uses yard sale money to teach kids, make difference

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RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) – When Chesterfield mom Jennifer Lynn Moore made more money than expected at her Shenandoah neighborhood yard sale, she decided to take the money she made and teach her children a lesson about paying it forward.

Moore took the money and went shopping — for others.

Moore and her children, ages 14 and 11, went to Costco to buy food and water. The family put together 30 bagged lunches to hand out to the homeless in Richmond. [Scroll down for video]

“My husband and I feel that it is very important to teach our children that even though we have had hardships in life and still do at times, that we are truly blessed as a family,” Moore said. “Wes [her husband] and I feel that it is an important value to show our kids that we need to always serve others.”


Moore said her family was inspired to act after a recent experience helping others during a Rebuilding Together of Richmond project.

“It was so awesome to see my children doing chores for an 87-year- old Church Hill Woman,” Moore said. “They never once complained and actually when we got in the car that night to go home, my son said ‘I had a blast; we need to do this again next year Mom.’ Our children understand the value of helping others and through our efforts they understood the importance of serving and loving those less fortunate.”


Moore said getting around town Sunday was difficult due to road closures for the bicycle race. She said she planned to hand out the remaining bagged lunches this week.


  • Diana MrsPrincessDie

    We need more people in the world like Jennifer these days. Bless her heart. May the Good Man upstairs shine favor upon her. That a girl Jenn!!

  • Rachel Gill-Hood

    This family is truly a wonderful one. I’ve known them for many many years and this is not the first time they have been a blessing to people and I’m certain it won’t be the last. Love y’all bunches and I’m so proud of you and the kids!

  • Liz

    This is what I like to see reported! Way to go Jennifer! I have no doubt there are many more like this is our world. Unfortunately this is not what makes the news these days. Good for you in teaching your children about giving and caring for others.

    • JenniferMoore

      Thank you all for the sweet messages and comments. This video was not made with the intent to become as public as it has; it was made for my personal documentation. However I do owe my cousin Kathryn Crowell Carpenter a HUGE THANK you as she is the one who contacted WRTV 6… I was not aware she did this until yesterday early morning she texted me ‘Dont Kill me; but I have contacted the news’….. It really ment alot to me that she felt this story needed to be heard… I truly am grateful….

      Again thank you all for the continued love, support & SHARES..

      Jennifer Moore

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