Employee killed in daylight robbery at Broad Street jewelry store

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RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) — Richmond police are on the scene at Victoria Jewelers downtown, investigating a homicide Monday afternoon.

There is a large police presence, and police on the scene confirmed there was a fatal shooting. Detectives are talking to witnesses.

They are also going to close down the block, CBS 6 reporter Melissa Hipolit said. The person shot was an employee, and they were shot during a robbery.

The storefront, located in the 300 block of Broad Street, is a block away from the Greater Richmond Convention Center.

A little over one  month ago police raided two downtown Richmond barber shops and a fish market a couple of block's away, as part of a drug operation.

Police entered both Harvey’s Progressive Barber Shop locations near the intersection of 1st and East Broad Sts. and the New Fish Market at North 2nd and Broad Sts. as part of that raid.

This is a developing story. CBS 6 News crews are gathering new information and will have a live report on CBS 6 News starting at 5 p.m.


  • reeltime

    Alix, so what correlation does the robbery/murder have to do with the drug raid over a month ago of the barber shop and fish market. So sad that the uncivilized of this society not only steal but have to take an innocent life in the process. They were just trying to earn a living, something many in this city wish not to do. And we built a small jail why????. One day the tide will turn. Thoughts and prayers are with the family.

  • kitty

    Omg…I have been there and bought a nice ring for my fiance years ago..they owners are so nice…Hope you get the chair!!! And your right like what the heck a drug raid has to do with this robbery/murder..and it was one customer that got locked up..waste of time and money…need to hit the corners these drug dealers stand on

  • shanice

    thank you i was ready to same the exact thing.. like what do that have to do with this situation that happened today????

  • Joe

    This is heartbreaking and unfathomable…what would make this subhuman kill this person? I’m just sick over this…my thoughts and prayers are with the friends and family of the victim. This also must be terrifying for the other shop owners and employees in the area.

  • donald

    really tina so more killings do not happen in the city.Use that little google thing and check your facts.good try though

  • snicoled05

    Um the counties have a lot of killing going on as well. You ppl find anything to be distinguished from each other, bottom line is its everywhere. . You may not hear about it everyday, but it’s there. Silly rabbit.

  • Zain

    This was my cousin that was shot he leaves behind a pregnant wife a 16 month old whoever shot this man for some money man I hope u rott in hell

    • bmujahid

      This is very sad indeed, but please don’t utter these disgraceful words. This young was hafiz and his memory does not deserve to be disgraced. Our hearts are broken that this happened and may the way be made easy for his grieving family.

  • Working Man

    “So what correlation does the robbery/murder have to do with the drug raid over a month ago of the barber shop and fish market?”

    It emphasizes what a problematic block that is, in an area that’s generally been improved by VCU growth. I.e., that block is the last remaining hold-out of sh1t on Broad St.

  • Elaine

    Could be, but I’m finding it even more likely that a white person is writing these comments. So can you please go away and find something better to do with your time than act out a racist impersonation of a Black woman and disrespecting a murder victim?

  • Belsma

    Not the time for your input LATOSHA WILSON. Have some respect troll and if you don’t know how I will be happy to meet you and teach you some manners.

  • terri anderson

    I hope they catch the person who did that…that jewelry store guy was a nicr person, my mom use to stop by there alot…the killing has to stop…i pray for his family

  • Wicho

    I hope they catch them motherfukers!
    And ppl needs to be respectful in thin type situations ya just wrong! Stop that racist shit too who cares if they were black withe chinese or spanish hope they catch them motherfukers

    • googleit

      well its actually MISSPELL or MISSPELLED…depending on how you plan to use it… just saying

  • Tina

    For your info Donald, I live in the county & it’s here as well & in your neighborhood too. Stop being blind to the fact. The fact is…. it’s everywhere!

  • Tonya

    Elaine you are correct. It’s Manalishi dumb a**. If you all notice, every time this so called “Latosha Wilson” comment , he make a stupid a** comment as well or if he makes a stupid a** comment then “Latosha” make a dumb a ** remark. Zain, sorry for your lost. My thoughts & prayers are with you & your family. May your cousin rest in peace.

  • Joe

    If some of think this is just a Richmond problem, you couldn’t be more wrong. In Chesterfield, look no further than the Jeff Davis corridor to find all types of salacious crime…including murder. When in Henrico, there are several pockets of trouble…the Northside and Eastern Henrico are both hotbeds of crime.

    • buzz

      Agree. The decaying of society and the lost morals have so sadly contributed to the unwinding of once was a great country.

  • Ahsan Hashmi

    Haroon, Was a very good person with very good heart. He always look at the things positive. May GOD rest his soul in peace. Ameen

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