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VIDEO: There are not enough ways to say this cat kicker is a creep

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A young man that was caught on camera callously kicking a cat for no reason in Brooklyn has been arrested, according to police.

Andre Robinson, 21, can be seen luring in the gray and white feline, in front of a building on Fulton Street in Bed-Stuy.

cat kickerWhen the cat gets close enough, the man kicks it hard with his right foot, sending it flying into the air like a football into bushes a good 20-feet away.

After the devastating kick that sent the cat somersaulting the air, the man manically laughed and danced on the sidewalk, while his friend behind the camera joined him.

Detectives have still not located the cat and a veterinarian said the animal likely sustained serious injuries from the kick.

Robinson has been charged with aggravated animal cruelty.

According to the Daily News, Robinson has eight prior arrests, including one for robbing someone at knife point.

The video was filmed last Friday and posted on the man’s Facebook page. The Daily News reports that the video circulated for days before the man was arrested. 


  • Daniel Stephen Raper

    They got a word for people like him and in the past 20 years it has become UNIVERSAL. There are black ones white ones even hispanic ones. I’ll just let yall figure out what I am talking about. He deserves to be in jail!!!!! 8 prior arrests! I mean how many chances do you get before you kill somebody? Ridiculous!!!!!!

  • PetLover

    What the hell does this have to do with “racists?” A black guy, with a violent criminal record, abused an animal. Instead of complaining about jobs, which by the way, if you could spell and use proper grammar, you might have one…you should be more concerned with people being violent and fitting certain stereotypes.

    • Chad

      Whoever That Latosha_wilson person is, comments on every article just about with, calling it racist if it involves a black person, and blaming it on white people. What’s up with that? I guess we all can see who the REAL racist is….

  • JonnyDrizzy

    Pet lover is right. Its not a racist scheme. We are all trying to fight the stereotypes……..its not working. We’re are losing the fight by doing things like this. Blacks have jobs. It aint a racist thing anymore. Its the people who dont want to do well for themselves that are causing a bad name for their own race. Its sad.

    This video is sad.

  • deuceiswild

    “Robbed a person with a knife” and still walks the streets. Looks real rehabilitated, huh! THAT is why there are repeat offenders.

  • Ricos

    Useless to society. 8 priors and robbery at knife point. Execute him now. Then they wonder why we call them….

    • Blythe Dhia

      and what would you call him if he were white? geez, the world would be a better place if you had no website to hide behind and post your racist views.

      • athynz

        I’d call him a thug no matter what color he is. His past record coupled with this he needs to be put under the jail.

  • JJ

    Sick and tired of the violence these savages afflict on society. No regard for life in any form. The world would be so much better without them

  • Neil McCulley (@neilmcculley)

    @Vasu Murti that was an interesting read. “…brutality that allows us to erect factories of death for animals lay the groundwork for our treating humans in the same way.” That had never crossed my mind until now. It’s right, we allow mass slaughter of animals just to make a big mac as long as the slaughter is out of sight out of mind. If we all had to shoot, kill, and butcher our own meat, we might have a little more respect for animals.

    • berian

      this is so true!!! eating way less meat and more ovo-lacto animal products as time goes by and trying to get only humanely/locally raised. if i were cooking only for myself i’d pobably have gone totally meatless long ago.

      …this guy has already been violent to a human….dude is disturbed, keep him the h@ll away from me.

    • Libs R. Schit

      Well Neil, people of your ilk encourage abortion too, so how are you and those of your ilk any better than meat eaters? You’re not. You’re even worse, if you ask me, and I could really give a schit about abortion. It’s the hypocrisy that I loathe about you liberals.

  • Mary Wilson

    Latosha Wilson is obviously ignorant and lacks any kind of compassion. She expresses her stupidity through her lack of spelling skills and lack of understanding right from wrong. Maybe she should control her dog, instead of it running loose so it can kill cats. What if it kills one of the kids in her neighbourhood? It is people like her that is wrong with society. Too bad her dog wouldn’t turn on her and rip her face off.



      • Sam M.

        Uhhh you ghetto people disgust me. Please go to the jungle where you fucking belong and run have your useless consuming life there please.

      • Kevin

        Amen Sam M.! I wish we didn’t waste the tax payer’s money building more jails that just slap these monkeys on the wrist. What we need to do is just ship these pieces of scum to a remote jungle where they can never leave. To all the black/white/Hispanic people who are actually making something of your life, salute. To you meaningless apes who rob humans and kick cats, burn in hades you stupid N words.

  • Pam

    he was charged, good. but what is the charge?
    a fine? jail time? i hoep its jail.& for a while.
    that shit is not funny. i wish animal cruelty was as punishable as a human death. ppl will call 911 so fast when a human is hurt, but just walk by normally if they see a hurt animal.
    or when a human gets sick they run to the hospital or doc’s office,
    but they let their pet die at home cus they dont wanna pay the bill.
    it is so fucked up.

  • Kendyl Christopher Toombs

    The poor kitty looks my one of my cats, I hope he gets some serious fine and some jail time out of this, people need to understand that these actions are serious. Animal abuse is no joking matter nor should it be considered “not a big deal” just because its a specific species. Poor judgement on anyone’s part to do that to any living creature.

  • Lucia

    I’m a huge animal lover and i want to say that this guy should be badly beaten slowly then shot right between the eyes!!! NO-One should EVER abuse or kill an animal. If they do then they should get the death penalty!!! NO exceptions!!!

  • Lucia

    Latosha, You are the one that’s so fucking stupid and also very heartless. It’s so obvious that you don’t know anything about cats and how smart they really are so i wouldn’t be so fast to call it a stupid cat!!! Grow up Latosha and also stop crying that everything is about racism because it’s NOT!!!

  • Andy

    And to think my tax dollars raised this monkey only so politicians could blame white people for his criminal behavior. Pathetic country we live in.

  • LL

    It was a friendly, trusting creature, most likely loved by many of the local folks. Anyone who takes advantage of that trust and repays it with mayhem for a few moments of maniacal entertainment has forfeited any measure of mercy they could ever ask for themselves. Defending this scum is right down there with him.

  • Truth Teller

    Just another version of the knockout game. Young black men love delivering the sucker-punch to an unsuspecting victim. The lesson here is that when a young black man pretends to be nice to you in front of his friends, he’s just setting you up for the hit, and all of the other blacks will cackle and laugh at the pain of the helpless.

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