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Why winter’s polar vortex could cost you more money this summer

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RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) - Dominion Virginia Power has announced that due to winter's "polar vortex," utility rates will be on the rise.

If the state approves the change, rates would go up, starting July 1, an average of $4.46 a month for people who use 1000 KW of power an hour. Another increase of $1.91 a month would follow, starting in September.

CBS 6 Meteorologist Mike Stone says that the 2014 winter was 9 percent colder than the average winter.

"That polar vortex really got unleashed around the United States," he said. "It hung around longer than it typically does."

Dominion said even with the proposed increase, their rates would still be "well below regional and national averages."

Environmental groups, like The Sierra Club, are protesting the price hikes already, criticizing Dominion for relying on natural gas.


  • Mark

    For dominion power to say the increases are lower than other regions and national average is a joke. If they’re comparing rates to dc, nyc, cali, etc they most likely pay higher rates but those same areas make more money than our area too. So what they saying is bs.

  • donald

    dominion power has to be one of the worst companies ever.Not only a monopoly but one that makes a excuse yearly to raise rates and the media always plays along with those excuses.

  • theodore reavis

    That’s bs bout the rates how your punish us for What the weather brings we are barely making it maybe if we switch to solar power we wont need thm That’s free from the sun then they their services wont be needed

  • cathy jones

    I’m sure they are going to need some funding for the new project to put power lines underground!

    • kitty

      So why can’t they pay for it themselves…shoot….sick if rates going up and up…they bill us for every little thing…distribution service..17.00,generation 20.84,transmission 3.37,fuel 11.53 sales and use surcharge… .32,consumption tax… .68,Richmond utility tax…. 4.00….. good grief

  • jenny

    What ridiculousness. As though they didn’t get more from us in the winter as it was BECAUSE the cold hung around so long. What’s the real reason for this price hike? They got their money for winter, end of story.

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