Teenage boy shows up to hospital with gunshot wound

Sober woman arrested for DWI after deputy rolls stop sign

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MILWAUKEE, Wisc. (WTVR) – “It was a miracle I wasn’t paralyzed,” Tanya Weyker said about her February 2013 collision with a Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Deputy.

Tanya Weyker suffered a broken neck in the crash.

Tanya Weyker suffered a broken neck in the crash.

The deputy, video proved, rolled through a stop sign and T-boned Weyker’s car. However Weyker, 25, was charged with drunk driving, according to a report on Fox6Now.com.

After the crash, Weyker said she told deputies she’d taken a few sips of a friend’s drink that night. When a deputy asked why her eyes looked red and glassy, Weyker said she told him he had been crying. She also told him she had taken Vicodin after she had her Wisdom teeth removed the week before.

Weyker’s injuries were so severe, deputies could not perform a field sobriety test. She was arrested anyway, on five separate charges including drunk driving causing injury.

“They made me into this criminal,” she said. “I knew I was innocent this whole time.”

In the weeks after the crash,  test results showed Weyker had no alcohol nor drugs in her system, Fox6Now.com reported.

Weyker has since filed a complaint against the deputy who arrested her who, she claimed, made up his version of the story to protect himself.


  • manalishi

    Sounds to me these tyrants and maybe a prosecutor need to spend a bit of time in maximum security general population.

  • Rhonda Newman

    I want to know how the dept. is disipling the officer. I hope they fired him and then arrested him! Police officers are NOT above the law and should be held to a higher standard.

    • Hippy

      No. The officer should be held to the exact same standards as any other person. After all, they ARE only peole. No more, no less. However, he (or she) should be fired, and never allowed in law enforcement again. He should also get jail time. At least 9 months, flat time!

  • Oliver Brayden Ly

    you have honor to protect us and serve our state right. Not abuse it and believe you can get away with it. This is an example of and I agree with Rhonda. Police Officers arent about the law but they are set for High expectations. I am glad she is okay

    • jeffrey

      are you f%@#ing serious? @Karl in my state the HWP make 65 – 70K a year. What an ignorant comment. You get what you pay for.. pfft. Being a law abiding citizen at least in terms of safety should be a requirement whether or not you wear a badge, and even more so if you’re being paid to uphold the law, set an example, and stop criminals.

    • Steve

      WOW, what a dumb statement. Regardless of what his pay is he shouldn’t put others’ lives or health in jeopardy at ANY time!!!

  • Glen Allen

    Didn’t we just experience something somewhat similar (but without injury) here in Church Hill when the drunk girl was scooped away by her pappa without so much as being tested for alcohol or drugs? Wasn’t pappa in law enforcement?

  • Joe

    …aaand this is why all police need to have video cameras recording AND the signal redistributed for external backup outside of the police units themselves for civil review. It’s the ONLY way to reign in the horrors covered up by the code of blue.

  • Not from Wisconsin

    She told the officer she had been drinking. (Yes, she said two sips, but to cops, they hear tall tales all the time about how “little” people have been drinking.) She also told him she had been taking Vicodin, which you’re not supposed to mix with alcohol. She should have remained silent and waited for paramedics.

    • Whattt

      If you read the entire post, you would see that it clearly states that medical reports say there were no traces of alcohol or drugs in her body, and she claims that this story was entirely made up by the officer.

  • steveb9995

    This is why you NEVER, EVER, volunteer information to the cops. The policeman is NOT your friend.

  • athynz

    Excellent, another lying tyrannical cop outed. I hope they actually do something with this. I know not all cops are like this but those that are scumbags put a black eye on all cops.

  • Gerry

    When did she take the Vicodin? If she took it and then drank alcohol, the alcohol would enhance the effect of the Vicodin thus meeting criteria for DUI. Furthermore, what constitutes “a few sips”? Also, when she was taken to the hospital, they would have taken blood which would reveal the level of any substances (legal and illegal) in her system. This totally sounds like the cop was at fault however, if test results showed no drugs or alcohol in her system, sounds like somebody’s gonna get sued!

  • V. Black in Texas

    It is a wonderful miracle that Ms. Weyker is alive. My mother died in a similar, “T-bone” automobile accident years ago. It is unbelievable to me that this deputy remains employed in law enforcement. I wonder what constitutes a “fire able” offense in his department.

    Take care of yourself, Ms. Weyker. A lot of us are praying for your recovery.

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