NC school’s ‘chitling’ quiz angers parents

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A “Chitling Test,” given to students at a high school in Lenoir. (WSOC)

A “Chitling Test,” given to students at a high school in Lenoir. (WSOC)

A “Chitling Test,” given to students at a high school in Lenoir. (WSOC)

LENOIR, NC — Several members of a North Carolina community are expressing outrage after high school students were given a controversial quiz.

WSOC reported students in an AP psychology class at West Caldwell High School in Lenoir were given “The Chitling Test.”

Students were told it was an intelligence test, according to WSOC. The school district said the assignment was a mock test intended to give students cultural bias exposure.

After the quiz was administered, school officials said there was discussion about bias and misconceptions in different cultures and the use of slang.

However, once district leaders learned of the assignment, the teacher was told not to use the test again. Additionally, school officials said an internal investigation is underway.

West Caldwell High School’s superintendent, who said the test has no place in the classroom, reportedly met with local African-American clergy, members of the NAACP and the police chief Thursday morning about the assignment.


  • Rani

    Can we say: STOOPID? Sheesh! This is “slang” that was used back in the olden days for how people used to talk! Sheesh! Got intelligence y’all?!

  • Tana

    I just have one politically incorrect thing to ask,,Since what we are supposed to have ,
    that was decided long before my time, a separation of church and state,,and we cant mention God in school, then why are the “local clergy” involved? Im not saying this test is not totally wrong and inappropriate,,anyone with half a brain can agree with that, but i dont see why the local clergy are involved,,,imajustasayin

  • Kelly

    I’d like to start off by saying that I do not believe this test has any place in a high school psychology classroom. Just so we’re clear. However, it is unfair to say that the teacher who gave it to her class was being racially insensitive. It really depends on what that teacher’s reason was for showing it to her class. The entire purpose of the Chitling Test, when it was created back in 1968, was to demonstrate differences in understanding and culture between races.

    It was originally named the Dove Counterbalance General Intelligence Test and it was created by a black sociologist named Adrian Dove. He intended to show that, culturally, black people and white people spoke differently. They had different cultural values. Because of this, middle class white students statistically perform better on standardized tests. Many of the standard intelligence tests at that time would be used to classify African American students as “mentally retarded” or “culturally deprived.” However, if the Chitling Test were given to a group of black and white students in 1968, Dove believed that the black students would score much higher than the white students in that classroom.

    The purpose was to identify cultural differences and the point was to show that these differences should be respected and taken into account when developing tests. That’s it.

    Honestly, I don’t think that any student, of any race, would score very well on this test today. It is only studied as an example in psychology and sociology classes at a college level.

    • jacki

      Thank you kelly. With the proper context this story isn’t so sensational and as a parent I would not be opposed to my child learning this lesson.

  • jim

    Par for the news people these days they left off the answer key. I guess I will have to search for it. The questions really aren’t that hard, but I like to verify these things.

  • kate

    The teacher asked if anyone didn’t want to take this test. They told the students that it may be offensive to some. There is no reason why people reacted the way they have. It was a history lesson on how things have changed in society since then. The teacher should not be punished for this! It is a college level course, if a student were to take this in college it would be not be a big deal. If you were not in the classroom how can you be a judge of this teacher? Who are you to judge them?

  • Christopher

    Sounds like a completely ignorant move by the superintendent and school to suspended this teacher. Shame on the media for the irresponsible sensational reporting.

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