Husband falls to death from hotel balcony after wife refuses certain sexual request

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SAN ANTONIO, Texas (KSAT) – Moments before a man fell to his death from an 18th-floor balcony at a downtown San Antonio hotel, he assaulted his wife because she refused to have four-way sex with another couple, according to a San Antonio police report.

The woman’s husband, identified as 46-year-old Michael Ochoa, has been described as a San Antonio-area real estate agent.

He fell from the balcony of a room at the Hilton Palacio del Rio hotel on April 25.

Ochoa’s wife gave police several different versions of what happened that morning, but she ultimately said a couple had agreed to have sex with her and Ochoa in their room.

She said Ochoa became angry when she had second thoughts and began punching her in the head, then tried to climb down from the balcony to escape security.

She said she did not know how he fell from the balcony and died.

Police said they did find signs of a struggle inside the room, but not on the balcony. They say Ochoa’s wife had scratches on both of her arms and the nail on her left ring finger was ripped off.

No one was charged.


  • MitzZ

    Sad.. the only part I cringed at..was the woman’s nail from her left ring finger was ‘ripped’ off… ewwwww!

  • Rick

    What if she threw him off the balcony for some odd reason? I mean people would do this to get insurance and no proof if they did it or not. They should look more into it.

    • sw

      If the woman had tried to throw her husband off the balcony there would have been signs of a struggle. Cannot you not read where is says there were no signs of a struggle on the balcony.

    • athynz

      And right on queue is the racist Latosha who somehow cannot find her caps lock key. So who said any of them were white? What do you have against white people?

    • uglykidjoe

      we were too busy reading about the black pervert who beat the 8 year old boy to death who was trying to protect his sister from rape

    • RocketScientist

      Wow…racism at its finest. All these racist comments are unnecessary. All of you are sad

    • Tina (@MsBertina)

      lol@Latosha.. but seriously letts assume she did agree to it prior to Why dont men take No and leave it like that..”NO” and if he felt compelled to go forward with out her then I say that’s on him.. I think they been boozing or drugging and it got out of hand..

  • Train

    Lotosha should be banned from making comments. I have a feeling she actually is a kid who just posts outrageous comments to try to get people fighting on here. Either way, he or she adds nothing but hate filled stupidity

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