Tow truck driver fatally crushed by sedan along I-295 South

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HANOVER, Va. (WTVR) --A fatal accident off of Interstate 295, southbound, took the life of a tow truck driver Thursday night.

News crews were kept back from the scene, but State Police have confirmed with CBS 6 that there is one fatality. The tow truck driver was outside the vehicle when he was struck, police said.

There is no word right now if charges will be pressed against the person driving, or how badly they were injured.

The two right lanes were closed at Meadowbridge Road, mile marker 38, about half mile away from Exit 360.

The two left lanes remain open through the investigation. Police remain on scene collecting evidence.


  • Gwendolyn

    Thoughts and prayers go out to the family and community who is feeling pain from another tragic event.

  • John

    This accident falls on our local authorities…for not enforcing the laws that are on the books….people ignore that they are to get over 1 lane for all emergency vehicles….but they don’t. Then you have people on the interstates that feel like the fast lane is their cruising lane and force people .moving faster to zigzag thru traffic which then creates a hazard and that person would be the one that gets a ticket for reckless driving…..not the person who is blocking the fast lane. The person who hit the wrecker driver should be charged without question for not obeying the laws….to move the hell over…..the family needs to sue the driver of that car.

    • athynz

      Unfortunately in VA there is no law on the books concerning the fast lane or using it as a passing lane like other states. It’s irritating when some jackhole cruises in the left lane 5-10 MPH below the limit and brake checks anyone who gets close.

    • Amy

      There is technically no ‘fast lane’ in VA. There is only the ‘passing lane’. People just use it as their fast lane. And, I’m sorry, whether someone is going too slow for someone’s taste, that’s not really a reason to zigzag through traffic. I agree it can be annoying, but there are lots of things in life that are.

  • Terry

    Not that most of this discussion has anything to do with the unfortunate demise of the tow truck driver. We should all extend our prayers for his family or donate to a fund in his honor. In so far as the discussion, has it occurred to anyone that there is a speed LIMIT on roads including interstate highways. Perhaps if everyone went the SPEED LIMIT, there would be less need for bobbing and weaving through traffic. From news reports it does not appear evident that this crash involved the “fast lane”. Yes the move over law does apply but that seems to be the “lesser” issue at this point. The driver of the vehicle is reported charged with a number of offenses that would lead one to wonder whether he would have even recognized to “move over”. That being said, it is sad that at first blush it is commented that the family needs to “sue” the driver. Obviously lost on some, car insurance pays for damages/injuries resulting from “accidents” not necessarily violations of criminal law. More than one life destroyed here. I am at a loss to understand how this accident “falls on” the local authorities.

    • Joseph Bright

      For one the driver should now be looking at a lengthy prison sentance. I think the comment if “it falls on law enforcment” is ment purely by law enforcement not enforcing the law to move over. So alot of people get away with not moving over. If people driving cars had any sense at all they woulddrive with high aim sterring see the problem and look fir a way to move over or slow down at least and maybe this man would still have his life.

  • Iris Marie Parish

    GOD BLESS ALL INVOVED, Family friends and all who loved and cared for this man. Prayer,s go out to all.

  • Dani Caldwell

    Unless you’re on your way to a fire, in which case, it will still be burning when you get there so SLOW DOWN AND MOVE OVER!!
    My boyfriend of over 3 years has been a tow truck driver/recovery specialist for many years. Every time he gets in that truck and heads out on a call, I that the last time I see him? When he is out all night or late getting back, when sirens blare…did someone not move over? I’ve been out on the freeway (inside the truck) while he’s hooking up a vehicle and it scares me to death! Drivers do not move over. Semi’s included. These trucks are considered emergency vehicles too in many states. They are equipped with colored flashing lights. They are very easy to see, even in the daylight hours. Put your phones down and pay attention. Stop looking at what incident is already on the side of the road and pay attention to your driving! Every one of those killed in this senseless “accident” have families. Families that hoped and prayed, like me, their loved ones make it home. Unfortunate for these victims, they did not, not this time. Prayers for Peace and Comfort to the families, especially to that little 4 year old boy. I also pray for the driver who caused the accident, those deaths are a lot to carry. The guilt of taking a mama away from a little boy who doesn’t understand where she is and why he’ll never see her again. So, so sad.

    • Joseph Bright

      Lady, not sayin semi drivers are perfect or exempt from the get over rule but alot of times we are required to be in the right lane for one and for two if we do see emergency traffic on the side of the road nobody in cars will let us over because they dont even realize that there is a problem on the shoulder i have been driving a rig now for many years and see people in cars not let the semis over because they are more important than the rig trying to move for emergency personel i have lots of friends who are also tow truck drivers and wouldnt want to hear about them being run over even when in my rig im brokedown on the side of the road im required to put out triangles its tge law do people move over for me nope not in the slightest so think again about putting blame on a big rig driver and asses the situation thank you

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