New stadium plan keeps baseball on Boulevard, cost taxpayers less

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RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) --Richmond City council members are now considering an alternative development baseball stadium proposal for the Boulevard that was submitted by a group of private developers.

The developers are not yet ready to go public, but City Council Member Jon Baliles said the Boulevard plan presented by those developers would not use taxpayer dollars to build a new baseball stadium on the Boulevard.

According to Baliles, the Mayor’s current plan would cost the city $80 million, which would go toward building a new stadium in Shockoe Bottom, infrastructure improvements in the area, and a slavery heritage site.

Baliles said the private developers are willing to build with their own money a new stadium on ten of 61 acres on the Boulevard, as well as pay for the land.

However, he said with both proposals the city would still pick up the tab for site improvement costs on the Boulevard, which would cost around $7.5 million.

Baliles said the private developers met with all of the council members and the administration within the last month to show them the proposal.

After learning about the alternative proposal, Baliles submitted six budget amendments that reallocate the money that would have gone toward the Mayor’s proposal.

Baliles told CBS 6 this is “not a vote for the new proposal, and it is not a vote against the mayor’s proposal.”

Council members will vote Thursday on those amendments.



  • Becky

    Hallelujah!!! Amen!!!
    Somehow there a relief, a reprieve.
    A certain and sweet sense of justice in having the
    tables turned, and the squeeze placed on The Donors’
    Consortium Governance, of, by, and through The Mayor,
    and the Richmond City Council,
    Thank you, whoever, sincerely!, Really!
    A bless Aha Moment, A welcome relief from the
    10-year long blackmail Bulldozer of Extortion
    by those who were actually Serve US; not Selves..

  • Liz

    This is great! However, I hope those who wish to improve the Bottom continue on their journey to do so. I was really neither for or against the stadium in the Bottom but I am for renovating that area, cleaning it up and making it a vibrant part of the city. I fear, though, that with nothing to protest, the vocal ones regarding the slave site will now go away since they have neither the backing nor the funds to make this commemorative site happen.

  • timely1

    Good for Jon Baliles, slowing the Mayors train wreck to push his proposal through. Good stewardship of the peoples money and responsible governing.

  • Joe

    “Baliles said the private developers are willing to build with their own money a new stadium on ten of 61 acres on the Boulevard, as well as pay for the land.”

    So, they pay for it, or the city pays 8-10 times as much. Let’s see, what’s the better deal…

  • Mo Fiscal conservatism

    Ahh, the more productive, beneficial plan for the city will win. Which is the plan in the Bottom. This will just keep the loud, ignorant population quiet for a while. But in the next couple of years, me and my fellow young professionals in the downtown area will be walking to a baseball game after work. Politics demands it.

    • athynz

      How? The Mayor Jones plan will cost the city 80 million dollars while this new plan would cost the city 7.5 million dollars Your screen name indicates you believe in fiscal conservatism tell me how spending an additional 72.5 million dollars is fiscally conservative? How is the Shockoe Bottom stadium better for the citizens of Richmond? It seems to me that the 72.5 million dollars being “saved” could and should be used towards our schools.

  • manalishi

    I smell a tax credit rat. Furthermore, how much eminent domain will be abused to forward this fraud. 80 million is 80% of the repairs needed for RPS, why are we even on this topic?? Moonbats!

  • jaybyrde

    The city had a triple A club which they let go, now they want to build a 80 million park for a double A team. Richmond does not support professional teams ie the Squires and hockey. I believe 80 million could and should be used in more productive ways

  • Frank Smith

    Cost and politics aside, a new stadium on the blvd. is a terrible idea. There is absolutely nothing out there – nothing. After after you build on the blvd, there will still be – nothing. You live in a dream world if you think businesses are magically going to build there with a new stadium. Let’s see I count negative one restaurant there now – with the BBQ place torn down. Those of you who think there is something great on the Boulevard, stand there and take a look around – a hard look. You’ll see a bus depot with people everyone wants to eat dinner with, a City owned repair garage, a torn down BBQ place, a nearly useless Arthur Ashe Center, a railroad bridge to – vacant and non-people friendly businesses.

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