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Child struck waiting for school bus suffers life-threatening injuries

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RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) - A child suffered life-threatening injuries after being struck by an SUV while waiting for the school bus Wednesday morning in Richmond.

The child was hit along the 1500 block of Oakwood Ave. around 8:30, according to Richmond Police spokesman James Mercante.

"This has never happened in my 28 years being here, dear.  I couldn't think. All I could do was react," said Eugene Baugh, who witnessed the accident from his front porch.

"He was hollering a lot of course. And he was just laying there in the street. But he was moving and everything," said Baugh.

Richmond police said that the driver was heading Eastbound on Oakwood Avenue while the 7-year-old was crossing the street.

Investigators say an older child waived the boy into the intersection.  Neighbors say the 7-year-old was meeting a group of other children at the bus stop moments before he was struck.

Baugh described the driver as a firefighter who stayed with the injured boy until help arrived.

Police, who said the driver was questioned at the scene, have not confirmed the driver's identity. No charges are expected to be filed against the driver.

Neighbors call this a dangerous street because drivers speed and are blinded by the trees along the street.

"The speed is just too high through here," Wallace Steed said.

"And those kids are at the bus stop in the mornings. So, you's pretty dangerous," said Walter Miller.

And while investigators determine the cause of the crash, Baugh said his thoughts are with the victim's family.

"I hope that he's alright and we're praying for him," said Baugh.


  • Ron Melancon

    Slow downnnnnn !!!!! People Henrico County has not at least from what I have seen School Zones in the Glen Allen area. For some reason people on Francistown Road and Staples Mill road and nome this area don’t follow the School Zone speed limits

  • Ron Melancon

    A total lack of enforcement. A certain county has told me not to call in about speeders in a School Zones. The city can find money for a bike race, the city can find money for a nutty baseball stadium and find money for a Redskins playground but can’t find money to enforce school zone safety. Yet

  • aleinva

    I sincerely hope this child is able to make a full and total recovery. I really feel for this driver. I can’t imagine anything worse, as a driver, than hitting a child, even if it wasn’t my fault or couldn’t have been avoided.

  • Rekula Tsuj

    I’ve driven around that area before… there really are a good amount of blind spots, and it’s dangerous enough just driving, let alone crossing the street. Plus, given the fact that roads have been wet these past few days and sudden stops are nearly impossible to control, we can’t automatically chalk it up to speed all the time. Physics can really work against you when the weather makes road conditions bad, even when you’re driving within the speed limit.

    It’s a terrible situation, and I really do pray that this child pulls through.

  • Doyle Hargraves

    How do you all know speed was a factor? The child ran out in front of a car, you can be going 20 mph and still run over someone when they run out in front of you. Seven year olds should be accompanied by an adult, not “waived” across by other children. Praying he recovers. The driver isn’t always to blame, it is impossible to stop when someone runs in front of you.

  • snicoled05

    The driver didn’t intend to hit the child. God please be with him. I’m literally tearing up in grief that this happened. I pray that he fully recovers.

  • Krista

    Where was the adult supervision for a seven year old child? Children this young need to be attended by a responsible adult especially in such busy roadway areas. Had this child been adequately supervised, this wouldnt have happened.

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